Color Spectrum

He said to describe a color without any other colors.

And he would know, so he says, because he knows  me.

I told him it's the color of words walking off the page and into a memory.

It is the color of the dust settling after a tumultuous break up.

It is the color of rain drops on mud.

It is the color of a flamingos fish and the tortoises soul.

The aura of perfection and the taste of degradation.

It shimmers and it shades.

It is the sunrise and the sunset and everything in between.

And he said your color is light.

I said how can light be a color?

He said how can it not?  It can shadow something simply  or it can blaze up the smallest of rooms.

And I said no I was trying to describe you-a rainbow-every color I've ever seen or imagined.

The colors in the prisms and the color wheel. A burst of energy and love. Every color shining brightly on their own even while grouped together.

And he smiled and said "Exactly-you can't appreciate the rainbow without the light".


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