Featurette Friday

Featurette Friday is the name. Kindness is the game.

Every other Friday  I will interview a person with the majority of questions focusing on kindness. The alternate Friday will focus on Random Acts of Kindness.

But why Jenn?

Because we see negativity every day and I think it's important to focus on the positive. No matter a persons background, status, or creed somehow, in some way my belief is they have been shown some kind of kindness and showed others kindness as well.

And I'd like to tell that story.

Interviewee: Anthony 'Tony' Barclay

Age: 54

What would you say your biggest accomplishment in life is:

 ---Helping people. Some people are born helpers-they can't help but help others. I've always wanted to help others. That's why I come to work everyday. If I couldn't help people I would have to find another job.

Any regrets? 

---Careerwise?  No.
I took a strange route to get to where I am in my career. I started out as an architect major. I almost finished nursing school-only had three credits to go. But here I am (a radiologist)and I got my degree in Pharmacy as well as my undergraduate in Science and Math.

* This is when I took a moment to pick my jaw up*

---Personal relationships? We all have said messed up things. 

Anything that glares out to you? 

---No. Not really.

Do you volunteer?


Why do you volunteer?

---I expect myself to. I don't understand why more people don't. I get why single parents can't. I get why people who juggle two jobs don't. I just have trouble understanding why people who have time and resources don't.  It's important to prioritize.

What is the best act of kindness you've received?

--- I went to church without telling anyone when I'd be there.  My plan was over the course of a week to clear yards and yards of rocks from the lawn.

I mean there were a ton.  Piles of them. While working someone saw me and stopped by then called some other guys to help. 4 guys and myself finished clearing the rock. It was really nice and unexpected to get that help. 

What was the most recent act of kindness you've done?

---Does holding a door open for someone count? 

I certainly think so.

---Besides holding a door, I was in line at the store waiting to check out a week or so ago. The elderly lady in front of me did not have enough cash for her groceries so I slid the cashier a twenty dollar bill to cover it.

Greatest kindness story you have ever heard?

---In the 80s there was a woman who promised a class of elementary students at a school where she was speaking, if they got the grades and got into college she would cover their tuition. 
And she did. Ora Lee Brown was the woman.

Favorite quote or personal motto?

---God put you where you need to be.

And finally, why is kindness important to you?

---Kindness is hand in hand with justice.
It is the normal state of life. There is a saying that life isn't fair. That's true. People have the capacity of being fair, kind and just-and when that doesn't happen that's us failing as humans.


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