Kindness Friday

Who doesn't love money? Or the prospect of winning some?

That was my inspiration today.

But first I was shown kindness and witnessed it this week and feel like that's always important to recognize. In no particular order here are my top three:

-One of my coworkers emailed me and asked if the shelter I volunteer at was the one featured in the paper about being low on food and necessities. After I checked with my volunteer coordinator there she said they were hurting due to being almost at capacity due to the cold weather. I immediately emailed back my friend and told her I was doing a food drive and she was on it and asked for a list of their urgent needs.Thanks for the heads up Jena!

-My co-workers & friends have donated to the Polar Bear Plunge that benefits the Special Olympics of Michigan that I am collecting for. You guys rock.

-A patient told me my hair looked nice when I felt it was looking craptacular. A word of kindness can boost someones soul for the day please remember that.

Kindness in, kindness out.


Today I went to our neighborhood video store and hid dollar bills and lottery scratch off tickets in between the movies.

You may be thinking, "Dollar scratchers and dollar bills? Was it even worth it?"

Yes it is. Kindness is always worth it.

We are lucky enough to still have movies that are two for a dollar. That dollar can help them rent a movie.

And really who doesn't get excited when they find a long forgotten bill or some cash on the ground?

Heck, I still get excited about quarters in my pockets.


The point is to put smiles on peoples faces not make me broke.

I also put lottery tickets on some more adult themed movies. (Not the bow chicka wow wow adult themed but like Sons of Anarchy adult themed ). Tried to keep it outta the reach of little hands.

I kinda wish I could see peoples reactions but then again I'm glad I don't.

Maybe they'd jump up and down?

Maybe they'd call it lame?

Maybe they would only give a weak smile and put it in their pocket and I'd misconstrue it as apathy when really it's been a rough day and all they could muster was a shy smile?

It doesn't matter really. As long as it puts a smile one persons face.

That's my goal. To put a smile that wasn't already there.

Happiness and kindness is always in style.

Didn't get your kind on today? Don't worry friends you can always do something tonight or even tomorrow.

Happy Friday all!


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