Mind Palace

I've never been out West but I often think I would love to live out there.

When my mind is tired and I feel like nothing is going right I check out and go to my mind palace.


I used a Sherlock reference fellow nerds.


I've never had any particular state in mind. It's always just been "out West" to me.

My get away is skies so dark I can see every star.  Sunrises so vibrant that the warmth stays with you all day. Houses few and far between. Animals running freely. People who put the wear and tear in jeans like their supposed to.

Many quiet afternoons lost in thoughts. No need to be superfluous with our words as simple is more than satisfactory.

That's where my mind takes a trip to so it can mellow out.

But only for a few moments because when I think about it too long my fantasy fades.

I used to think it was where the grass was greener.

Where the sun shone brighter and where problems would float away.


The reality sinks in that those beautiful nights can turn really cold.

The neighbors may be too far and few in between.

It's not really my saving grace.

It's just another place with different people and other problems.

It took me a while to realize that the only place that can ever be my real mind palace is contentment.

Peace of mind.

So thinking of my picturesque "out West" won't do anything for me anymore other than reminding me that the grass is greener wherever you water it.


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