Old People Do Not Know Everything

Let me preface this writing with the fact that I adore elderly people. They are a wealth of knowledge that we are lucky to have among us. They have welcomed in many New Year's and sadly sighed as the end of those years rush by so quickly. They have intelligence that only a life full of experience and regret can garner.

They have loved passionately, learned the hard way and danced with the perils and pitfalls of life, probably uphill, both ways.

I love to listen to the older generation talk about their lives and what they have learned and seen over the years. No matter who tells it, there's always a magical smile and mysterious glint to their eyes, letting you in that they know far more than their willing to let us know. Maybe we're not ready yet, maybe they don't want to share. Who knows, I'm sure one day time will tell.

However, recently I have noticed a trend. One, I cannot say I like too much.

Some old peoples have been talking smack about our generation and the one we're bringing up.

I chill with my mom a lot. She's 65 and awesome. She talks. A lot. To anyone and everyone. At the doctor's office, the supermarket, the library-anywhere and everywhere if you're willing to chit she's willing to chat.

She and her blue haired friends will gab about anything for minutes to hours.

No matter what though the conversation always devolves to the same few sentences:

"It's not how it used to be".

"This generation doesn't understand the value of hard-work".

"They seem so uneducated".

"What is this world coming to?"

Whhhaaatt? Come on my lovely little old people don't really feel that way do they?


A lot of them do and will tell it to our faces. And I still find their wrinkled faces adorable.

There's a part of me that agrees.

There's a part of me that would NEVER contradict what one of my elders said.

When they see disrespectful children running amuck and their parents on cell phones rather than parenting it makes them sad. When they see kids not doing their chores and lipping off to their hard-working parents, they become disheartened. When they see kids glued to their iPads & iPods and ignore a gorgeous day outside they cannot relate. When all they hear on the news is about the youth that vandalized this and the youth that robbed that, they lose hope.

And at times, I'm with them.

But I am loyal to my generation, and for good measure.

Our grandparents and parents may not remember it, but they fought with their parents.

They didn't agree with everything they said. They hungered for change and a new world.

I know when our grandparents were youngsters they were hell raisers. I assume politely and with the best intentions but let's be honest, they bucked the system.

They protested wars, they fought in wars, they fought for civil rights and equality for their fellow men.

They tried new things, some good some bad. They fell in love and lust and grew up. They built families and lives. They were educated in more than the "3 R's" like their parents learned. They were hippies, they were yuppies, most importantly they were learning.

They were learning. Finding their way. Like every generation does.

And I bet their grandparents were stunned and none too happy with their actions and behavior at times.

Bottom line, there are always going to be uneducated idiots in our society through no fault of any one elses' but their own.

They will be rude, they will make the front page for their crass and lewd behavior, they will sell themselves short and try to convince everyone that they are no different than anyone else in their generation.

We know this to be false.

There are too many of my hardworking friends and family that bust their humps to provide properly for their families.

They volunteer in their communities and teach their children by leading by example. They cheer loudly at soccer games and help with homework that's way over their head.

That's what this world is coming to, a world where parents and family do their best to give the next generation everything they need to succeed.

Just like their parents and grandparents did for them.

And that's why I think we're going to  be okay.


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