I almost talked myself out of writing this again.

Amazingly,when tweaking my original blog, I deleted my entries.

I  know I only had it for one week.

I know I didn't have mor than ten entries.

But it was my baby and I loved it.
It was a promise to myself that I would accept joy today rather than postponing to that ever present someday.

You know what I mean.

Someday I'll lose weight.
Someday we'll invite the neighbors over.
Someday I'll reconcile with my family.

The problem with someday is that it rarely ever comes. Our dreams, our goals, everything we intend to do tend to stay on the back burner.

Still warm, still within eyesight but never really making it to the front burner.

So when it's time to sit down to eat and we look at our options we find at times we don't have anything substantial on our plate because we never had time to tend to it.

I don't want to be that person.
I don't want to dream of tomorrows when i have all of today to make my goals come true.

So without further ado let me introduce you to my goals of 2014-

Focus on my health meaning my physical, emotional and spiritual well being. How to I plan to do that?

-lose weight. 50 pounds is the goal this year. I have way more to shed but it's a step in the right direction.
-Say no. It's okay to choose me time and not over committing myself to multiple people and organizations.

Embrace the arts.

-Write everyday. No excuses.
-Share my art. My poetry, my artwork. All of it. Stop being so shy.
-Support community art efforts-local art shows, museums, art shoppes.

And finally be kind.

-Do at least one RAOK(random act of kindness a month).
-Practice self love. Accept a compliment gracefully, give myself at least one compliment daily.

So that is my goals.
Keeping true to my goals I am going to compliment myself that  am extremely happy I stayed dedicated and restarted my blog.

Happy day all


  1. Love to read what you write! I thoroughly enjoy it :) Love you, Aunt Teri


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