Step by Step

Sometimes when I come into work it's dark.

No lights, no people...kinda creepy at times. So it makes sense to skip the stairs and take the elevator directly into my department.

Exactly right.

Sometimes I'm running late, and even though the elevator can take a few moments it's still faster than trying to run up the stairs. I wouldn't want to trip that could be dangerous.

Wouldn't want to risk it. Better be safe than sorry.

When the rest of the girls are racing back upstairs after lunch, I take the elevator because I don't want to slow them down or subject them to my labored breathing once I make it to the summit.

It seems no matter what the situation is I can find a "valid" reason to skip the stairs.

Conveinence is a horrible habit to get attached to. It allows you to think you're 'being time efficient' or 'working smarter not harder'.

When you've made a commitment to yourself to change for the better sometimes it's best to 'work harder'.

No goals are going to be reached if you don't change up your game plan.

I cannot afford to keep choosing a sedentary lifestyle. 

As of today, I am morbidly obese and have an extensive family history of cardiovascular disease.

Now I can't change my genes but can control what I put in my mouth and when  to kick my butt into gear.

Who cares how long it takes me to get up the stairs as long as 
I make it ? Or if I'm breathing a little harder because I'm making an effort? 

My co-workers and friends who care will understand when 
I walk up the stairs slowly or politely decline a piece of cake. 

They'll understand that I'm choosing my future over now.

I'm choosing determination over conveinence.

Simply put, me. 

I'm choosing me.

Those who don't understand can suck it. is cheap.

I am hoping to walk the walk...walk up the fourteen steps. Followed by a lovely landing then...more steps.

And into a healthier me hopefully.


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