There Are Two Types of People

There are people you meet who take your breath away.

They are walking dreams that dance or die right before our eyes.

And I never know whether to laugh or cry or pause with purpose when I meet them.

They are the people who wear a smile in their eyes,  full of contented sighs, and bring laughter wherever they go.

They are lovely unexpected bastards that pop up in our lives with no warning.

They present themselves right outside our grasp and control.

The dance up to the clouds. Trying to find some long ago promised nirvana.

Enticing and encouraging others to follow their lead.

Hinting at heaven, we follow one Achilled heel at a time waiting to see where these dreams may go.

Where they can go.


Then there are the assholes.

The people who are perpetually poor in spirit.

Who find every unkind thing to say.

Those who make us shear off our teeth when we clench our jaws in our sleep.

They find a dream only to pick it apart and mock it. They choose to expose it for possible weakness- refusing to see the promise in the ideas that are different.

They make you want to run out the door when they walk in.

They are the negative Nancys, the pessimistic Pauls, the soul suckers and energy evaporators.

And there's only one thing we can do with them.

Love them.

Because they need it the most.

Let them mock you.

Always speak brashly and declare your dream.

It does no good to quiet your voice for someone elses contentment.

Let them see you try to fly and fail, and try and fail again.

Let them accept that yes, we are odd.
We are weird.
We choose to be part of those who dare to dream.

And we fall outside of their narrow view of what is acceptable.

Show them passion changes everything and sheep get sheared and butchered daily.

It pays not to follow the crowd.

You will be mocked.

You will meet resistance.

You will want to give up.

You will want to  shut up.


Don't let anyone else talk you out of being you.

You only get one chance at it.


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