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Kindness Friday: February 28th, 2014

It is that time again for Random Acts of Kindness!One of my goals of this year is to perform more random acts of kindness because the world can always use a little more kindness.But first I like to reflect on the kindness I witnessed this week.Earlier this week, my work called our local Olive Garden restaurant to place an order for a coworker. Her son who has courageously been fighting brain cancer, has been brought home to Hospice care. After hearing why the food was being ordered, the restaurant donated it. No one asked for a donation, they didn't know the family, they just wanted to do something nice for a family who was going through what no one should.My husband is working crazy hours and I have had a little get together planned at my house for a couple months. He will be needing some sleep at the time the party is planned. I really didn't want to cancel. My friend offered to host in her house and saved the day!We have an upcoming event at work and I'm in charge of do…

Donna Day 2014

Today is Donna day. It's okay if you did not know that. I didn't either until a couple hours ago.My friend Joelayne told me it was Donna day. Then she did the kindest and cruelest thing. She shared Donnas story.Read the full story HERE. After I resumed breathing properly and the tears stopped I decided I needed to write about Donna as well.I never had the pleasure of meeting Donna and never will.

I do not know her mother Mary Tyler Mom.I am not a mother with a child with cancer.I do not know a mother with a child with cancer.I do not even have children.But I am human and this story touched me deeply.At only 20 months old in 2007 Donna was diagnosed with brain cancer. After relapses, surgeries, chemo, hope tied with fear, hospital visits, and so much more than any child should ever have to go through-at age four-Donna lost her battle with cancer.Just take that in. At four years old she said goodbye to the world.No kindergarten graduation, no science projects, no middle school an…

Sunday Confessions: Bringing Sexy Back

I feel a disclaimer is in order today. If you are a child, under 18 years of age, please doodle elsewhere.The rest of you can continue below.I did not know that there was so much confusion about sexiness until I googled it.Usually the internet is your friend but when it comes to reclaiming and being sexy I think I'm going to leave google and it's dorky cousin Bing, out of it.  

And if l ever use Bing to search for 'sexy' again l'm putting the safe search on.
There was so much overwhelming sexiness that I didn't know what I thought was sexy anymore.Kind of like when you repeat a word too many times you lose all meaning of it.Quizzes, articles, advertisements promising to help "get my sexy on" flooded my screen.  And pictures.Many pictures. And this is where I got sidetracked.

 And by this one:

Some confused me: 

 Others made me a little jealous:

 And some made me think:

 I'm not kidding about the Borat one. It really made me think.

If you haven't seen …

Featurette Friday: Shirley Franks

Featurette Friday is the name. Kindness is the game.

Every other Friday I interview a person with the majority of questions focusing on kindness.

But why Jenn?

Because we see negativity every day and I think it is important to focus on the positive and remind ourselves that there are wonderful people in this world. No matter a persons background, status, or creed I believe they have been shown kindness in their life and have shown others kindness as well.

And I would like to tell that story.

I met Shirley approximately a year and a half ago when I started working Wednesdays at the campus I am currently at now. The first thing she said to me was 'Good Morning and who are you?' I introduced myself and told her where I would be working and explained I would only be here on Wednesdays.

She was the nicest person to me.

It always feels awkward being the new person somewhere. You don't quite know anyone and don't know the rules. Shirley eased that feeling for me. Every &#…

Sunday Confessions: Dear X Love

Dear X Love,It has been taken me a long time to write this letter. The last time I saw you was one  of my last trips to my hometown in Indiana. I wasn't expecting it and always thought that if I saw you again it would be under different circumstances. I was hoping the next time I would see you I would be way better than you.I wish there was a way to say that and not sound like a prick but there's not.Not that it was often, but when I  imagined seeing you again in my minds eye I would be a knockout. I would preferably be stick thin, perfectly dolled up, very well off and colder than ice with an attitude reflected that I barely registered you in my memory.But that just was not the case. While walking around a store with my husband I saw you walking in front of me.It had been 14 years since we seen each other but there was no doubt in my head that it was you. I immediately turned back into the confused, easily intimidated teenage girl I once was.Momentarily gone was every ounce o…

Kindness Friday: February 14

Today is Valentines day.It's all about love today folks. Mainly the kind shared between two people in love. Pink and red hearts adorn elementary schools everywhere. Children are enthralled because of their little parties today. They finally get to give the Valentine cards that they picked out a week ago that they've been dying to share.Middle schoolers are excited to go to their dances and find themselves lost in the anticipation of waiting for their crush to ask them to dance. High schoolers feel the mimicry of love swearing they've never felt "this way before" or for the broken hearted "they've never been in this much pain" .Yet, the majority of them make it to adulthood falling into one of two categories seemingly.They either love Valentines day, or loathe it.It either brings waves of candy conversation heart bouts of nausea or glorified squeaking and over application of glitter and pink.

I think of it as another day. Another day that we can show …

Get A Job Ya Bum.


Crazy people.

Drug addled freaks.

Whores that sell themselves.

Those are the people own the night. They dine in the gutters and the streets. Who make benches their beds and streets their homes. Making the neighborhood values go down and making passersby avert their attention. They are the reason to work hard and not give up. They are your life lesson so you never turn out like them.

They are the homeless.

But they are human.

Let's try this again.

Veterans. Mothers and fathers.

People who hold down jobs.

Exploited and confused children and teenagers.

These people work and then go home to a shelter or a flop house. These people have children. These people have fought for our country and have fallen through the cracks ignored and forgotten. These people have mental illnesses. These children are confused and have low self-esteem cloud their thinking and strong violent hands turn their bodies over for a few dollars.

They are people that escaped domestic abuse and had …

Sunday Confessions: In My Closet

To say my closet is messy quite accurate.It's kind of small and awkward with the door being small and to the left while the majority of the closet is to the right. It makes storing anything in there a little tricky.Winter scarves, scrubs, jeans and cute tops all rudely jockey for spots on my cheap plastic hangers to avoid being brutally shoved in my even smaller dresser.Bills, receipts, and papers that may be needed later on, holiday items and silly mementos are tossed to live on the top shelf.Memories and heartbreak are stored haphazardly in cute little crates on  the floor of my closet.Books pour over one another in the corners each begging to be read over and over. They love it when their pages are turned and their stories come to life. There's a light that's never turned on mainly because I fear it will force me to see how bad it truly is.It is regulated chaos.It is never so bad that I feel the need to glove up, go in and purge out everything.There are days I stare thr…

Pet Tails: Introduction

My name is Rufus. I'm a tan chihuahua who is having issues with using this keyboard. Normally if I want my opinion heard I will bark out the song of my people or crap or pee on something. Sometimes both.Typing is normally what you humans do on those little square things you constantly have in your hands or the big square thing you have on your desks.I live with a lady named Jenn and her hubby Chad and Jenn's mom Caroline. Jenn and Caroline confuse me because they both refer to me as their baby. But they both cuddle nicely and give treats equally so I'll play the field and let them each call me their fur baby.Jenn likes to say she saved me but she often times says that I saved her when we go to bed together at night.Everything happened almost two years ago. I was rooting around in the garbage at Jenn's friend Jo's house. They were having a yard sale and I was hoping they didn't  notice me. But while I was trying to find something yummy I was picked up by the ver…

Part-Time Brain Sharter

I try to listen.Very, very hard.And most of the time I'm attentive and absorb the information at hand and it gets filed accordingly in the color coded files in my brain.But if you tell me to 'pay attention' or 'now, this is important' sometimes my brain likes to revolt.It shuts out common sense and goes on high alert. Sirens start blaring, lights start flashing gearing up for some train to come down the tracks. It gets so worked up waiting for this knowledge and by the time it's relaxed and prepared to accept the information it's already been repeated to me twice.

And I'm left staring at the person delivering the information with drool glistening all pretty like on my chin.It's a brain shart.No other way to describe it.

My brain thinks it can get away with accepting this information but when the time comes it shits all over itself and short circuits all the good dendrites.

And I stand there looking like a fool.

Maybe it's a defense mechanism to wa…