Donna Day 2014

Today is Donna day. It's okay if you did not know that. I didn't either until a couple hours ago.

My friend Joelayne told me it was Donna day.

Then she did the kindest and cruelest thing.

She shared Donnas story.

Read the full story HERE.

After I resumed breathing properly and the tears stopped I decided I needed to write about Donna as well.

I never had the pleasure of meeting Donna and never will.

I do not know her mother Mary Tyler Mom.

I am not a mother with a child with cancer.

I do not know a mother with a child with cancer.

I do not even have children.

But I am human and this story touched me deeply.

At only 20 months old in 2007 Donna was diagnosed with brain cancer. After relapses, surgeries, chemo, hope tied with fear, hospital visits, and so much more than any child should ever have to go through-at age four-Donna lost her battle with cancer.

Just take that in.

At four years old she said goodbye to the world.

No kindergarten graduation, no science projects, no middle school anxiety, no high school prom, no fretting over colleges.

Her family, like thousands other families have to do yearly, said goodbye too soon.

All cancers suck there is no debate in that.

But pediatric cancer?

It slowly puts a dreary forecast on your future by taking away from the present.

Instead of children learning how to ride a bike they are learning what a port is.

Instead of children learning and exploring their city and neighborhood they are memorizing the halls of the hospital and the names of their favorite nurses.

Instead of children fighting with their friends or siblings over toys they are struggling to stay alive.

And that is just not acceptable.

How can we help fight such a scary thing like pediatric cancer?

By remembering Donna.

The goal of today, Donna Day is to raise money for St. Baldricks.

St. Baldricks is an organization that is devoted only to pediatric cancer research. 

The charity started by Donnas mother, Donnas Good Deeds , will be hosting a head shaving event on March 29th, 2014 where all funds raised will go to St. Baldricks.

So, how can you help?

Sharing Donna's story.

Caring enough to donate or asking your friends and family to donate.

Every single dollar counts in this fight.

HERE you can buy a neat tee shirt from St. Baldricks that have a Super Hero theme .

HERE you can donate to the head shaving event where all funds raised will go to St. Baldricks.

 And above is the beauty that started this all.

Donna is not the only child to lose her courageous battle with cancer.

There are many more children and their families who would like to kick cancers butt.

Let's keep this simple.

You know how you're always saying you wish you could make a difference?

Here is your opportunity.

Happy Donna Day & let's raise some money!


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