Get A Job Ya Bum.


Crazy people.

Drug addled freaks.

Whores that sell themselves.

Those are the people own the night. They dine in the gutters and the streets. Who make benches their beds and streets their homes. Making the neighborhood values go down and making passersby avert their attention. They are the reason to work hard and not give up. They are your life lesson so you never turn out like them.

They are the homeless.

But they are human.

Let's try this again.

Veterans. Mothers and fathers.

People who hold down jobs.

Exploited and confused children and teenagers.

These people work and then go home to a shelter or a flop house. These people have children. These people have fought for our country and have fallen through the cracks ignored and forgotten. These people have mental illnesses. These children are confused and have low self-esteem cloud their thinking and strong violent hands turn their bodies over for a few dollars.

They are people that escaped domestic abuse and had no place to go. Their houses went into foreclosure or they were evicted. These are the people that we walk by and mutter 'get a job'. These are the people we call bums. These are the people that are attacked because some people think it is simply funny. They have mastered the super power of invisibility as everyone who walks by them somehow cannot see them. These are people. To me it does not matter how they got on the streets. It matters only that they are on the street. And they deserve to be treated like more than just scenery.

I am not asking you to volunteer your time at shelters, although I believe everyone should.

I am not asking you to give money, although that would be nice.

I am just asking that maybe one day you say good morning or hello or how are you?. And maybe wait for a reply. Smile and be friendly. Realize that they are a person. Realize that they have feelings. Realize that their life was not always this. And if you have the time, listen to their story if they are willing to share it.

They had families and friends. They went to cook outs. They served in war. They traveled. They had a home. They have children. They giggled and laughed. They had good times. They had bad. They were in love and lust. They expierenced many of the same things you do.

No one grows up wishing to be homeless. There should be no difference in how you treat a CEO to a person on the street. If there is, maybe you need to reevaluate your position in life and not those you judge.

It is not that far of a fall to homelessness. Many people think that it could never happen to them. They think they are exempt that they are safe. Except…that’s what a lot of people who are currently homeless thought as well. I know it's uncomfortable to think about how close it can be for us.

It is an unsettling thought that instead of driving past a homeless person on your way home you could be on the street begging for money and wondering where you are going to be sleeping that night.

I guarantee whether or not you are aware of it, you know someone who is homeless. People are very good at hiding things that society frowns upon.

There are people who work day in and day out and come home to a shelter. They catch buses or walk. They get to work early and leave late. They are willing to take hand me downs or reluctant to go out or have anyone over. There are children who get picked up early by school buses from the shelters.

This is not uncommon. We just sadly have one view and mentality on homelessness. That 'those' people did it to themselves and if they 'truly' wanted help they would get it.

Sometimes, systems fail.

Sometimes families or friends aren't available to help.

Sometimes the world sucks.

And we do not treat each other as nicely as we could and should. Remember when we were little and our parents taught us to share with those who did not have toys? Remember when they taught us to be nice to one another?

All we have to remember is that one simple rule in life treat others the way we would want to be treated.

How you treat someone based on their station on life does not reflect on them, it solely reflects on you. What do your actions say about you?


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