Kindness Friday: February 14

Today is Valentines day.

It's all about love today folks.

Mainly the kind shared between two people in love.

Pink and red hearts adorn elementary schools everywhere. Children are enthralled because of their little parties today. They finally get to give the Valentine cards that they picked out a week ago that they've been dying to share.

Middle schoolers are excited to go to their dances and find themselves lost in the anticipation of waiting for their crush to ask them to dance.

High schoolers feel the mimicry of love swearing they've never felt "this way before" or for the broken hearted "they've never been in this much pain" .

Yet, the majority of them make it to adulthood falling into one of two categories seemingly.

They either love Valentines day, or loathe it.

It either brings waves of candy conversation heart bouts of nausea or glorified squeaking and over application of glitter and pink.

I think of it as another day. Another day that we can show love to each other. 

Not necessarily the 'in love' cutesy chocolates needed, flowers pacified, giggly kind of love.

But the love that makes us feel special.

I like the ugly love. The kind that is not professed and shown to the world. 

The love that's  awkward and awakening.  

Like caring for your father in his deteriorating state of health. Reteaching him the things he taught you as a child. Repeating words of encouragement for menial tasks while your heart hardens a little on the inside and you finally start to dread this thing known as adulthood.

Or when you stay up all night with a sick child. Cooling her hot face with damp towels. Rubbing her little back. 
Holding her body while she heaves ridiculous amounts for her tiny body. Negotiating with work and the doctors office early in the morning so you can get your baby seen.

That is the kind of love that is rude and scary and pulls things out of you that you did not even know existed.

That's what I like to celebrate. 

Every day if possible.

Sometimes we forget to though.

Sometimes life gets in the way between practice and work and school.

Birthdays, anniversaries, and funerals.

Bills, secrets and stress.

It can take a lot out of you and make it hard to see the love that makes the world go round every day.

That is why when I dropped off my last few donations today l felt a little overwhelmed.

 ^ l passed out that flyer to offices in my building and maybe only a handful of people responded. 

This was my first food drive at this new location and feared l would get no participation.

Kind of like when you host a party and fret no one will show up and then amazingly people do.

I was starting to feel a little down but then I did what l do best-l asked for stuff.

I made my plea on facebook and in texts and people responded. Other campuses l worked at, friends, my former manager came through with donations. 

People from a couple of the offices brought in donations.

People gave what they could because they have love for those they do not even know.

They loved with their time and energy picking up extra groceries.

They loved by asking others to donate and reminding other co-workers.

They showed their love in the form of two overflowing six foot tables with boxes full of juice and pastas, meats and hygeine products and much more.

A day dedicated to love and kindness was the perfect day to give the donations  to our overwhelmed shelters.

Happy Friday all and the happiest of 
Valentines day to you remember to leave a little love wherever you go.


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