Kindness Friday: February 28th, 2014

It is that time again for Random Acts of Kindness!

One of my goals of this year is to perform more random acts of kindness because the world can always use a little more kindness.

But first I like to reflect on the kindness I witnessed this week.

Earlier this week, my work called our local Olive Garden restaurant to place an order for a coworker. Her son who has courageously been fighting brain cancer, has been brought home to Hospice care. After hearing why the food was being ordered, the restaurant donated it. No one asked for a donation, they didn't know the family, they just wanted to do something nice for a family who was going through what no one should.

My husband is working crazy hours and I have had a little get together planned at my house for a couple months. He will be needing some sleep at the time the party is planned. I really didn't want to cancel. My friend offered to host in her house and saved the day!

We have an upcoming event at work and I'm in charge of donations. While some businesses haven't donated I have been blessed with a lot of great feedback from our local businesses and donations.
                °     °     °       °    °

Now what did I do this week?

This week I was kinda all over the place and busy.

I chose to do one I have never done before and one that was quite difficult for me.

I donated my used books.

Some to the library some to friends some to the shelter where I volunteer.

And it may have been one of the hardest things I have done.

Books aren't just books to me.

They are magical.

They can be an escape, an adventure, a time machine, a jet to take you around the world, uplifting, a comforting reprieve or an educational experience.

 Although I love them and find an exceptional comfort in books, l felt it  was time to share my stash with others.

l gave away over 50 of my faves in the hopes that others will fall in love with them as much as did when I was first introduced to them.

Happy Friday and happy reading.


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