Pet Tails: Introduction

My name is Rufus. I'm a tan chihuahua who is having issues with using this keyboard.

Normally if I want my opinion heard I will bark out the song of my people or crap or pee on something.

Sometimes both.

Typing is normally what you humans do on those little square things you constantly have in your hands or the big square thing you have on your desks.

I live with a lady named Jenn and her hubby Chad and Jenn's mom Caroline. Jenn and Caroline confuse me because they both refer to me as their baby. But they both cuddle nicely and give treats equally so I'll play the field and let them each call me their fur baby.

Jenn likes to say she saved me but she often times says that I saved her when we go to bed together at night.

Everything happened almost two years ago. I was rooting around in the garbage at Jenn's friend Jo's house. They were having a yard sale and I was hoping they didn't  notice me. But while I was trying to find something yummy I was picked up by the very beautiful Jo.

(To this day I am in awe of her beauty. Every time she comes over I spend at least ten minutes smelling her -especially those gorgeous feet-trying to let her know I adore her and wish she'd see us more than 'just friends' but I guess that's not in our cards. She does rub me in all the right spots though.)

She brought me inside and I promptly peed on her dog, the lovely Nyx. I'm not saying anything about that dog other than she is beautiful and I think she liked the scent I laid down if you what I'm saying.

After the girls talked for a while back and forth and what to do with me Jenn decided to take me home.

I think she wanted to get rid of me though.

She took my picture and gave it to the place where all the homeless animals live to see if they knew who owned me. She had me checked to see if I had some kind of chip in me but I didn't.

I like chips though, they're delicious. Between me and you, I help mom out when she says she shouldn't be eating them by stealing a couple off her plate once in a while.

Then she took me to get all these shots.

Not a very lovely welcoming to a new home if I do say myself. But I got over it.

They're goofy people but they're mine. I love taking walks with mom and runs with dad. In all weather.


I like to get in peeing contests with my neighbor Ted. We start out with a friendly sniff hello then it ends with us emptying every ounce of our bladders everywhere we can. l let Ted thinks he marks more areas but honestly I win everytime l just don't have the heart to tell him that.

 l love the sun. I love to lay in the sunshine. l'll even stop in the middle of our walk to enjoy a few rays. 

You people should do that too, it does wonders for your soul.

 There are few things l don't care for. 
For the most part I love the heat, enjoy the cuddling, love to run and will absolutely adore you if you 'accidentally' drop dome bacon on the floor for me.

I can deal with the clothes they.dress me up in because I know they love me but sometimes l just don't want to be a catepillar. 

The only thing I can't stand is that bastard the Taco Bell dog. 

That celebrity whore made it look like all chi's are addicted to tacos. To be fair, l do like tacos.  But if l had a choice l'd have to say l love bacon the most. Sign me up for that endorsement deal any day.

 lt was nice getting my thoughts out for a little bit.

Oh I almost forgot my favorite quote friends-Pee and let pee.

Seriously, guys. It's just pee, everyones gotta do it. 

Don't freak out if we accidentally do it on your friends toddler. l'd be more concerned with the stuff he tries to put in his mouth and not my 'accident'.

Until next time!


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