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Big Poetry Giveaway!

A little about me: My name is Jenn, l like to write poetry, blog,  daydream about 
Benedict Cumberbatch, read anything science-y, adore sarcastic banter, enjoy playing with my chihuahua Rufus and believe kindness makes the world go round.

Now to the fun stuff! 

You know why I love April?Well, lots of reasons. Seriously TONS!

But I'm going to make this easy for you and get to the point because I am sweet like that.
April is National Poetry Month!Besides committing myself to a poem a day and participating in some open mic opportunities in my local area to celebrate National Poetry Month I have decided to host my first giveaway inspired by Kelli Russell Agodon, (otherwise known as Kells), the person who started this event for poetry lovers. Please check out her blog post HEREwhich has a full listing of blogs participating in the giveaway!Go on click that link above and enter as many as you'd like.

 Okay, l know you are telling me to shut up and get on with it so l will.

The first book…

Pinterest Challenge: Easy Oreo Truffles

I love Pinterest. If you don't know what that is you're a lucky bastard that escaped one of the most addicting websites.There are recipes, DYI projects  (art, sewing, jewelry, painting,
quilting-seriously everything) exercises, household cleaning tips,  and so much more. You can get sucked in for hours looking for tips and ideas.The way it works you create a "board" for whatever you're interested in-say
recipes. Then you can look up recipes
and "pin" them to your board so you
have them for future reference.You can check out my boards here: Jenn's Pinterest.The problem for me, and probably other people, is that I pin and then forget it.So I am trying at least one recipe (or craft project) a week.This week I decided to make: Oreo Truffles.It was, as the recipe promised, easy.Only three ingredients were needed:1 package of oreos
1 block of softened cream cheese
12 ounces of melted chocolate (I used semi-sweet chocolate chips & white chocolate chips)First…

Sunday Confession: Little

Little.I once put too much love into a unrequited relationship with that word.There are words and images people fall in love with, for me it was little or any word synonymous to it.That word defined what I coveted desperately for a long time.Little, small, tiny, petite-these were words that I envied, I desired.  I wanted them to be part of my family and friends' vocabulary when they picked out characteristics to describe me. But, that never happened.I am fat. I do not remember a time when I was not fat. No pity party about that. It's just the facts.I never remember being small and delicate. Never remember being called pretty and petite.I do remember being less fat, but that does not exactly define small or skinny.For the longest time I was confused.I confused little with beautiful.
I confused little with attractive.
I confused little with good.Maybe because I heard one time too many regarding my weight "it's a shame because you have such a beautiful face".  Insta…

Kindness Friday: March 28th, 2014

One of my goals of this year is to
perform more random acts of kindness because the world can always use a little more kindness.But first I like to reflect on the kindness I've been shown  recently.Tomorrow at work we will be holding an event for uninsured and underinsured women. It is a little "thank you" party for them staying committed to their health. Our department has worked with the Komen Grant, Breast Cervical Cancer Control Program and the American Cancer Society to ensure that these women would get covered for their screening mammograms. I was in charge of getting donations for the event. I reached out to local businesses and asked for donations we could give away as door prizes as we are planning to have over a hundred women. (For the record, if one of the patients need more work up or a biopsy they are still covered.)The response I received was phenomenal. Overwhelmingly awesome.Some flat out said no, totally fine as that is their prerogative. But so many more…

Spring Is Coming

As of eight days ago it has officially become spring.I'm not sure how it is anywhere else, but I can tell you in Michigan it does not look much different from winter.And people are losing their minds.They want to kick old man winter to the curb. And fast.They want to forget he ever existed this year. They want the processes of nature to bend to their whims and desires and instantly change seasons overnight. They want to see flowers blooming, bunnies hopping, green grass everywhere and pastel everything. They want to taste the fresh air and promise of warmer days and longer nights. They want shake the cold from their bones and reawaken their passion to play outside. They want it, but they are not going to get it right away.I'm okay with it.I wish I could say I was horrified and upset about it like everyone else seems to be but I'm just not.Not quite sure if I am just too accustomed to the Michigan winters, or too fond of fuzzy socks. Maybe I am just smitten by lying in bed …

What if Wednesday?

Hot Ash over at More Than Cheese And Beer is hosting What If Wednesdays. She provides the prompt and we fill in the blank.This weeks theme is "What if....I had a superpower?"What if I had a superpower?I spent a good amount of time as a child marveling at comics and the wondrous thought of having a secret ability or powerful prowess that would set me apart from the crowd.I told myself if I could fly I would stay in the sky until I memorized every cloud there ever was and could soar at ease with the birds.If I found out I had great strength and agility I would only use my abilities to help others and never allow my strength to harm someone.If I could heal the broken there is no doubt I would work until exhaustion kicked in to heal everyone I could find that needed physical or mental healing.

When l got lost in my daydreams, it did not matter to me which power l would be blessed with l knew what l would use it for-to help people.Telekinesis-warn others of evil plots.

Weather cont…

Sunday Confessions: Awkward Moments

If you stumble make it part of your dance.My mother has said that to me my whole life.I think she knew she had an awkward child from the get go. Not necessarily in the loud and gauche sense but more in the emotional clumsy way.Although, I have had my share of self-inflicted awkward moments.I have deflected well meaning compliments of co-workers by backing out of a room and calling them a jerk.Dancing. I have been caught singing Matchmaker off-key, in my imitation Loius Armstrong voice  at the shelter I volunteer at by people I did not know, and did not know were there only to keep going and staring them down while I kept cleaning the playroom. Never saying a word or truly acknowledging them.They backed out of the room.Still dancing.I have accidentally given incorrect directions to the sweetest tourists when I worked third shift at a gas station who were in a time crunch. I sent them the exact opposite way they wanted to go only to realize it after they pulled out of the parking lot. D…

What If Wednesday?

"What if..." Wednesday is a blog prompt that More Than Cheese And Beer is hosting.  Today's theme is "What if I logged off?" and it's supposed to be a quick writing with no more than 10 minutes spent on it.What would happen if I logged off more often?I'm sure my waist line would be a little smaller. I'm sure I would have my book for book club finished by now.I'm absolutely sure my mom would love it as she tells me, as recently as five minutes ago, 'all that interneting is going to ruin your brain'.Yes, she says "interneting".She also calls it "the interwebs" and refers to texting as "teletyping".I probably would not be as awestruck by some of the stupidity of people if I logged off more. I should know by now to avoid the comment section of any article on the internet but l cannot.

l just cannot avert my eyes from the train wreckage that is presented before me in the form of unintelligible remarks, incoherent …

Pinterest Challenge: Meatless Monday Dinner

I love Pinterest. If you don't know what that is you're a lucky bastard that escaped one of the most addicting websites. There are recipes, DYI projects for anything & everything (art, sewing, flooring jewelry, painting, quilting-seriously everything) exercises,  household cleaning tips, recipes and so much more. You can get sucked in for hours looking for tips and ideas. The way it works you create a "board" for whatever you're interested in-say recipes. Then you can look up recipes and "pin" them to your board so you have them for future reference.The problem for me, and probably other people, is that I pin and then forget it. I like it, pin it but never do it. And that is so dumb. It is such a great resource for ideas I feel it is a shame to just ignore the potential.I always complain that we have the same things for dinner. When I looked at my recipe board on Pinterest (check out my board HERE)  though I noticed I have ober 700 pins.700.Not to m…

Sunday Confession: Never Again

Whenever I hear the words "Never Again", my mind supplants the image of the faces of  men and women from different nations collectively taking that vow.I imagine that the words are whispered over one another until the phrase is said millions of times. Never Agains would trip over each other. The two words running as quickly as they could out of each mouth, attempting to apologize for silent stances and  unimaginable atrocities  and choosing to be a powerful battle cry.This two word chant, Never Again, this promise, if they were to be read as they fell off peoples lips would be muddled and highly incomprehensible, just like the thought of  genocide.In eighth grade we went on our obligatory field trip to Washington D.C. I remember being awkward and nervous walking around the United States National Holocaust Museum. I cried from the minute I walked through the doors to the time we left.My mother inadvertently taught me about the Holocaust before school did when I heard a friend…

Sunday Confessions: Never Again

I believe in trying everything at least once. Sometimes twice, just to make sure I have made a sound judgment on the event/situation/position.But there are things you only have to do once in your life to know that you will never do it again.1. Try to duplicate mom's cooking.It's never ever going to taste the same. I'm never going to memorize it and I can never find the recipe card as mom always tells me "it's stored in here" while tapping her noggin. Think I can remember after watching her in the kitchen after 29 years? Yeah, you weren't part of my lucky family who got to indulge in my sloppy joes seasoned with syrup. Yes. Like syrup for waffles.Don't judge me. I ran out of brown sugar. And common sense. That happens when your trying to live up to cooking royalty. It was fun to watch everyone's face though.2. Believe someone when they say it's "not going to hurt" when they are visiting my downtown. Especially if it's preceeded wi…

Featurette Friday: Friday, March 14, 2014

Every other Friday I introduce you to someone who exhibits kindness in their everyday life.  But why Jenn?Because we see negativity every day and I think it is important to focus on the positive and remind ourselves that there are wonderful people in this world. No matter a persons background, status, or creed I believe they have been shown kindness in their life and have shownothers kindness as well.And I believe everyone has a story to tell.Today, I would like to introduce you to Bobbie.I met Bobbie for the first time today at Four Points Center for Successful Aging. It was a lively facility full of seniors laughing, playing bingo and pool, doing arts and crafts in an open and happy atmosphere with the friendliest staff and volunteers.My friend pointed out Bobbie to me. She was wearing a lime green sweatshirt, kind eyes and getting ready to eat her lunch. Ididn't want to interrupt her while eating but made a quick introduction. She was aware I was coming to speak with her today …

Thankful Thursday

Juicebox Confession is being awesome and hosting Thankful Thursdays. I absolutely love this because even though we all have things we can complain about we have so much more we should be grateful for and we need to acknowledge it.I am going to focus on my top 5.5. I woke up this morning. There are people who have to say goodbye to the ones they love way too early. I was fortunate to wake up and enjoy the day.4. I have amazing friends and co-workers who listen to me and love me. They even say the things I don't want to-but need to-hear. True friends will say the things you want to avoid, not to shame you but to help you be the best you.3. I hit my 20 pound mark today. I lost 20 pounds since the beginning of the year. I have a lot more to go but when you see your hard work pay off it fills you with a great feeling of accomplishment.2. Dinner with my momma tonite. Catching up with her and really talking after a long week is the reignition my soul needed.1. The way my dog greets me wh…

Faith In Humanity Doesn't Need Restoring

A friend needed to interview someone for her sociology class. Normally, I like to be the one behind the questions but I agreed because I'm an awesome person, obviously.She quizzed me about globalization, sociological perspective and things I barely remembered from the class I took years ago.I was doing good until the last question.How does society show compassion for those in need? What is one example of this in your personal life?I think I'm going to answer the question now since I didn't fully answer it when she asked me.I am for the most part the most Positive Polly you will ever meet. I believe in good and that peoples kindness will always prevail.However, my Negative Nancy side has been trying to come out recently.As much I love doing random acts of kindness I am aware that performing those only results in short term happiness and a brief reminder to others that we can be kind. If we truly want to effect the change we wish to be in our society we have to put forth the…

Celebrate All The Things

Friday I was at a visitation for a twenty eight year old man who lost his courageous battle with brain cancer.

I didn't know what to expect at his visitation but I try to walk into any situation with no expectations. 

And l found it was truly a celebration of his life. 

His diplomas were proudly displayed and rightly so. A video of moments of his life played showing him as a little boy growing into a man. Shots of him standing up in his brothers' wedding, his time in rehabilitation relearning how to walk, and many other moments flashed on the screen.There were pictures and like many others, l was drawn to them.

Pictures of graduations, family gatherings, weddings, award ceremonies, and birthday parties in huge frames.

Frames that attempted to capture all the life that was lived, all the memories made, all the small victories that give us the great feeling of accomplishment.

By looking at those pictures, anyone could tell he loved life and lived it as much as he could.

The pictures ar…

My Not So Fat Tuesday

The sleepy had not gotten out of my system yet. My long weekend still had a hold of my soul. The cold, bleak grayness of the outside did nothing to help wake me up and the blowing, snowy landscape was not very welcoming.It was morning and I had to go to work.Four ten hour shifts followed by four days off is a wonderful schedule and a horrible one all at once. When I am working those days I am in the zone. I am rigid, I am on top of my chores and duties and responsibilities.When I am off, it's not like anything really changes, except my eating habits.And for someone who is trying to lose weight, and become a healthier me, it is not good.I have done okay since I committed myself to eating right and moving more. Since the beginning of 2014 I have lost 18 pounds.18.I know there is nothing necessarily revolutionary about 18, but it's a  start for me.A beautiful start because it's me investing in myself.

I am not promoting people to lose weight. I am not suggesting it. l am simpl…

Sunday Confessions: Exhaustion

Monitors recording heart rate, pulse, and blood pressure were not a convincing calming cacophony in the middle of the night with their beeps and shrills.The fluorescent lights were sending out their humming in an attempt to set an tranquil atmosphere. But their harsh, unforgiving glare spoke more of reality than their hypnotizing hum.Yet, for the first time in months my mothers eyes were closed and she was sleeping soundly.I knew the nurse had to come in shortly to do her well being check but it was highly stressful day and I just wanted my mom to sleep.The unmistakable rolling wheels on linoleum announced the portable computer and nurse were coming to do their job.My mind wandered back to the unfolding of my day and the events that brought me here and I sighed deeply trying to pull any energetic air in around me to prepare myself for the medical questions and history that was about to be asked.That day when I got home from work my I went to say hello to my mom in her room and she was…

Changing of the Calendar

The weak, winter sunshine attempts to permeate the under appreciated burgundy curtains. It finds a hole created by one of Rufus' mad dashes to the window.Sun spills over the bed, the blankets and finally meets my face, gently refusing to let me sleep in on my day off. I keep my eyes closed. It's morning and the house is in it's rare quiet state.As quiet as a house can be. I hear the coffee maker chugging along ensuring a happy start to my mothers' morning. The furnace  just kicked on expelling wonderful heat throughout the house. Rufus struggles out underneath our heavy blankets and his pads softly hit the carpet. I don't have to look to know he is cuddling up to the vent that is blowing heat and dreams of tropical paradise all over his tan chihuahua body.My mom is sleeping peacefully and I can tell because I can hear her melodious snoring from my room.But none of the noise is present yet.No radio or television is on. No rustling papers or magazines. No excited chi…