Celebrate All The Things

Friday I was at a visitation for a twenty eight year old man who lost his courageous battle with brain cancer.

I didn't know what to expect at his visitation but I try to walk into any situation with no expectations. 

And l found it was truly a celebration of his life. 

His diplomas were proudly displayed and rightly so. A video of moments of his life played showing him as a little boy growing into a man. Shots of him standing up in his brothers' wedding, his time in rehabilitation relearning how to walk, and many other moments flashed on the screen.

There were pictures and like many others, l was drawn to them.

Pictures of graduations, family gatherings, weddings, award ceremonies, and birthday parties in huge frames.

Frames that attempted to capture all the life that was lived, all the memories made, all the small victories that give us the great feeling of accomplishment.

By looking at those pictures, anyone could tell he loved life and lived it as much as he could.

The pictures are, of course, always more personal to the people who were there. They can recall the day or event and the fun times.

For the ones of us looking on who weren't there we see a fun time and get the jist of the emotion but cannot grasp the entire picture and all the feelings because they aren't ours.

Though the pictures and scrapbooks are nice, we know nothing can mirror any feeling like the first time you experience it. Whether it's pain, joy, excitement, or fear, you just cannot relive that moment.

We get one shot at it.

That's why every opportunity we get, we have to make our own memories and celebrate life.

Do l really mean EVERYTHlNG?

I really, really do.

For some reason we get conned into believing that life is long and luxurious and we have all the time in the world. We put off get togethers and dates because life gets in the way. We postpone parties and fun because it does not fit into our schedules. We grab meals on the go and promise we will sit together at the dinner table someday.

But someday is a tricky bastard of a word, it spouts promise of immediate action but reality is it is more like fat chance and never.

Every day in this world approximately 150,000 people die.

150,000 every day. 

l guarantee not everyone of those people had that planned for their day. lt is inevitable that we are all going to die but only we get to decide if we truly live.

Life can be full of nasty, boring, tedious things but the mere fact that we are still on this earth is reason enough to celebrate. 

Maybe we woke up sore, or tired, or filled with regret? Maybe we woke up poor and angry or rich and empty? But we woke up. 

We are already doing better than 150,000 people.

Take a moment to be silly and happy. To celebrate a part of your life.

Happy you lost three pounds? Celebrate!

Proud your kid stood up for a fellow classmate? Celebrate!

Finished a chore you hate? Smiled at mean neighbor? Remembered all the lyrics to your new favorite jam?

Celebrate that shit!

Do NOT wait for obligatory events to celebrate life. 

 lt is the little things that make life worthwhile.

The smiles shared over coffee. Parenting with your partner and not losing your mind. Finding a deal on the cutest heels. 
Overcoming pain that has ruled your life. Realizing you are in competition with no one. Finishing a painting you have been working on. Finally recognizing your worth and asking for a raise. Knowing that you have family and friends who have your back at the end of the day.

And all the other things that comfort your soul.

Those are the things we need to remember to celebrate. That we need to rejoice in and love about our lives.

Life is so amazing and beautiful but sometimes it gets stuck on fast forward tricking us into believing we don't have time for the celebrations.

But we are lucky because we get to make time for what is important to us and realizing that life is worth celebrating is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves.

Celebrate all the things while you can with those who are still here because tomorrow is promised to nobody.


  1. Beautiful post. So very true and yet so easy to forget how special, fragile and fleeting life can be.

  2. I talked about similar things in my own post. Celebrating ALL THE THINGS right there with you, girl!

  3. Excellent. Very beautiful post. Thank you for doing something wonderful with it.


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