Kindness Friday: March 28th, 2014

One of my goals of this year is to
perform more random acts of kindness because the world can always use a little more kindness.

But first I like to reflect on the kindness I've been shown  recently.

Tomorrow at work we will be holding an event for uninsured and underinsured women. It is a little "thank you" party for them staying committed to their health. Our department has worked with the Komen Grant, Breast Cervical Cancer Control Program and the American Cancer Society to ensure that these women would get covered for their screening mammograms.

I was in charge of getting donations for the event. I reached out to local businesses and asked for donations we could give away as door prizes as we are planning to have over a hundred women. (For the record, if one of the patients need more work up or a biopsy they are still covered.)

The response I received was phenomenal. Overwhelmingly awesome.

Some flat out said no, totally fine as that is their prerogative. But so many more said yes.

They came through with coupons, merchandise, beauty products,  gift baskets, gift certificates and so much more.

Mainly love.

I could literally feel the love.

Even if the business could not donate they told me to think of them next time we did it and how they appreciated that we were working with other organizations within our area to provide these services to women in need in our community.

The community spirit was tangible and appreciated.


Where does that leave me this Kindness 

My act of kindness is directly related to the kindness we were shown.

Even though l already thanked the contributing businesses l am spending my Friday night making out "Thank You" cards.

l would normally make the cards but as l have over 40 businesses to thank, l think it is cool to go with the cute boxed set of cards.

And...there were a ton to choose from. 

We do not say thank you enough. Many times people either expect something or do not acknowledge the kindness received.

We do not always need a thank you for the kindness we have done. But it sure helps motivate us to do it again when we feel appreciated.

l truly believe in celebrating 'all the things'. l think sending a heartfelt handwritten thank you is a wonderful way to recognize the kindness bestowed upon us.

Do you have someone you need to thank today? 

You should drop them a text, an email, a phone call or a card. Let them know you appreciate them.

Keep the kindness going my friends.


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