Pinterest Challenge: Easy Oreo Truffles

I love Pinterest. If you don't know what that is you're a lucky bastard that escaped one of the most addicting websites.

There are recipes, DYI projects  (art, sewing, jewelry, painting,
quilting-seriously everything) exercises, household cleaning tips,  and so much more. You can get sucked in for hours looking for tips and ideas.

The way it works you create a "board" for whatever you're interested in-say
recipes. Then you can look up recipes
and "pin" them to your board so you
have them for future reference.

You can check out my boards here: Jenn's Pinterest.

The problem for me, and probably other people, is that I pin and then forget it.

So I am trying at least one recipe (or craft project) a week.

This week I decided to make: Oreo Truffles.

It was, as the recipe promised, easy.

Only three ingredients were needed:

1 package of oreos
1 block of softened cream cheese
12 ounces of melted chocolate (I used semi-sweet chocolate chips & white chocolate chips)

First, you need to smash your cookies. Put them in a baggie and mush them or crush them in your food processor-whatever works for you.

 Add in the block of softened cream cheese. Directions said to mix with a spoon, but l was getting nowhere fast. l found it was easier to just get in there with my hands and mix it up.

I took the hint from the previous pinner and let the mixture get a little cool so it would be easier to mold.

 Then l melted the chocolate in a microwave safe bowl in 20 second intervals. l pulled it out when it still kind of looked like chocolate chips and stirred it up and it was all gooey.

Then l dropped the balls in!

After you've completely covered them in chocolate, you will place them on your baking sheet lined with wax paper. l spaced on the wax paper but honestly, it was not that bad to get the truffles off.

l drizzled the opposite colored.chocolate on top just for a little design. lf you want keep some of the crushed up oreos you can put put it on top of the truffles, or if you prefer pepper them with sprinkles.

Then throw them in your fridge for a little while (l did thirty minutes) and besides clean up you are done.

So quick and easy. Next time l think l am going to use the mint oreos though. 
My hubby and mom loved these little treats. l am so glad l tried them.

These are quick and easy and a good idea to keep in mind for the holidays for gift giving.

Pinterest challenge-passed!


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