What if Wednesday?

Hot Ash over at More Than Cheese And Beer is hosting What If Wednesdays. She provides the prompt and we fill in the blank.

This weeks theme is "What if....I had a superpower?"

What if I had a superpower?

I spent a good amount of time as a child marveling at comics and the wondrous thought of having a secret ability or powerful prowess that would set me apart from the crowd.

I told myself if I could fly I would stay in the sky until I memorized every cloud there ever was and could soar at ease with the birds.

If I found out I had great strength and agility I would only use my abilities to help others and never allow my strength to harm someone.

If I could heal the broken there is no doubt I would work until exhaustion kicked in to heal everyone I could find that needed physical or mental healing.

When l got lost in my daydreams, it did not matter to me which power l would be blessed with l knew what l would use it for-to help people.

Telekinesis-warn others of evil plots.

Weather control-stop or slow disastrous events so people could be spared.

Invisibility-sneak around and help people by cleaning their house, pushing them out of the way of cars that kind of thing.

Thought about them all. Wanted them all. But all of those will never happen and that's a great thing.

 l don't need amazing powers that come from some crazy electrical storm or the correct aligning of the stars to make my world a better place.

Compassion is almost as rare as the ability to fly so l will become skilled in that art.

l may not be able to lift a semi-truck or tear down walls but my inner strength is strong enough to encourage the tired and fight for the abandoned, the tired and the voiceless.

l have the power inside me to be the change l want to see in this world, and that's super enough for me.


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