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Tickled Tuesday: Book Love

Today is Tuesday so that means I am linking up with Indecisively Blogging who is awesome and hosting Tickled
Tuesday again!Theme this week is about books we love.I wish there was a book that had all the books I have fallen in love with listed in it.I wish I could name a few books and tell you why I love them and why they have impacted my life, my view on the world.I wish I could say that there was one that enlightened my consciousness and help me be a better me.I wish I could tell you the first book that I picked up that got me addicted to this lifestyle.But I can't.Hello, my name is Jenn, and I am a bookslut.I have a sick, twisted love affair with books.I cannot pass a book store without going in. I cannot leave them abandoned when I see them being sold for a quarter at yard sales. l cannot stay away from my library. I cannot turn my back on them at thrift stores.I must introduce myself.Read their titles. Caress their spines with my finger. Read their jackets with serious conside…

What Will Be Will Be, Duh

I love adages or quotes that have bits of wisdom wrapped up nicely in one or two sentences to help me put problems or worries into perspective.I truly am a fan. I like posting them on my blog, on my facebook, using them in cards I make.They are comforting I suppose because there's a feeling of wisdom, of knowledge, encouragement, perseverance and sometimes a little wit.There is a sense that these repeated words were once said by wise people and have passed down for generations.

That they help give us pause and give us something to reflect on.

Then there are times though l hear well intentioned words of encouragment lazily spewed out and it makes my skin crawl.

We stopped for a quick bite at a fast food joint for lunch today. 

Hubby was waiting for the food while l snagged us a table. l was peering around at fellow customers getting my people watching on when l overheard two ladies talking.

We will call one lady the talker and the other the listener. 

The talker was explaining how she w…

Dear Friend.

Dear Joelayne,You are a special person.You are kind, loving, generous and beautiful, inside and out.You hate compliments, I know. It makes you awkward, itchy and uncomfortable and you don't take it well. Hence, why I'm writing this rather than giving you a chance at rebuttal.You would rather give away beautiful words to others than let them grace your ears. You need to get over that because you are seriously pretty damn awesome.Awesome, is too vague for you though.You bring kindness where you go.You offer your hand to those that have fallen and offer your shoulder when someone has tears that need a home. You are a loving friend who supports your friends in all their endeavors.You are a loving and dedicated mother. The empathy, love, and justice you instill into your son is beautiful and refreshing.You are a peaceful center to be around. There is no shame in being honest around you.You care, with a huge loving heart, about everyone in your life. You are dependable and trustwort…

Sunday Confessions: In The Car

It is Sunday, so that means Hot Ash from More Than Cheese And Beer is hosting Sunday Confessions. The theme this week is "In The Car".Ohhh, in the car, I have had so many different experiences. Fun times, scary times, some sweet, others nauseous, and some I will never repeat. Ever.But the best times I have ever had in a car, was with a friend I met in college. Shanna lived across the hall from me in our dorm.She was short, quiet, weird, liked the muppets, movies, and a goodie two shoes.I was big, loud, possibly intimidating, liked punk music, and nowhere near goodie two shoe status. And accidentally set stuff on fire.College is a weird time friends and there were so many flammable things.

So many.Anyway.I do not quite recall how we met, other than living in the dorm. There is no specific moment that is ingrained into my memory.Just one day she was no longer a stranger. I guess that's how the best people take up residence in our hearts. Slowly, quietly, choosing to stake o…

NaPoWriMo 15

How to Make A Fat Girl Cry
You can ask her to dance and when her hand shaking with trepidation is outstretched to take yours,  yell "just kidding" and run back to your friends.Treat her like she has the plague when she stands too close to you and let  vicious whispers and hushed giggles trail her when she has the courage to walk away.Pick her last. For everything.Tell her she is worthless and why.Be specific. Make sure to tell her that her rolls negate her feelings. So be as harsh as necessary to get through all that meat.It's the only way she'll learn her worth.Or lack thereof.Make sure to point out her flaws and shortcomings.Kill her soul while you steal glances at her friends.Make mountains out of molehills and make sure to compare her to everything remotely big.To make her feel oh so small.Compare her nose to a snout, her legs to tree trunks, her stomach to jello.Then text her you need her in the middle of the night.But if you really want to see her tears flow fre…

Pinterest Challenge: Bean Brownies

Pinterest Challenge recipe: Bean BrowniesThe ingredients:1 can of black beans1 box mix of browniesThat's it.Really.If you do not know what Pinterest is you, my friend, are one lucky bastard.

It is a website full of quotes, fashion tips, DYI projects, household hints, kids activities and recipes.

I realized l have been stuck in the same rut-same meals, same decor, same desserts-while my Pinterest board is full of all these recipes, activities and crafts l wanted to try.

So here l am, trying new things.

Yay me!

I saw this recipe for bean brownies and decided l had to try it.The comments were literally fifty/fifty on how people loved or hated these brownies.I needed to find out for myself if they were a "delicious, sneaky way to add beans into your diet"  or "a disgrace to all things brownie".Yes, those were direct comments.I opened the can of beans and rinsed them off. I let the water run over the beans until it ran clear.I put the beans in a bowl and began to blend t…

Featurette Friday: April 25, 2014

Featurette Friday is the name. Kindness is the game.Typically, every other Friday I interview a person with the majority of questions focusing on kindness.But why?Because we see negativity every day and I think it is important to focus on the positive and remind ourselves that there are wonderful people in this world.No matter a persons background, status, or creed I believe they have been shown kindness in their life and have shown others kindness as well.And I would like to tell that story.Interviewee: Ruth VandamAge: 68I met with Ruth on a sunny Friday afternoon on my lunch hour. I could not escape work so she was lovely enough to meet me in my office. Ruth was suggested as someone I "had to interview" because she "has a beautiful heart" by our mutual acquaintance Mary.I meet a lot of nice people, I seek out kindness and goodness wherever I go, because I know it's always there.Even if we don't see it immediately, the good is waiting to be discovered, or …

What if Wednesday?

Today I am linking up with Hot Ash over at More Than Cheese And Beer for What If Wednesday? I know that sounds naughty, but it is all clean fun!

It is a great little writing exercise where we spend 5-10 minutes on a certain theme.

Today's theme is "What if…my life was a fairy tale"?

I cannot ever remember my mother reading me fairy tales. I remember watching some Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty with my cousin but it was never my first choice.

Now, Ghoulies and Gremlins was the genre I was well versed in as a child.

When I did start reading them on my own accord, it was Grimm's Fairy Tales.

Not sure if you have ever read them, but let's just say they were not the same as the watered down love stories that our generation grew up with. They have their sweet moments, but are also morbid and realistic.

Realistic in the sense, that they showed vindictiveness, the worst of human nature, anger, and resentment. Likable characters did not always come out on top.

And al…

Tickled Tuesdays: Animals

Today is Tuesday so that means I am linking up with Indecisively Blogging who is awesome and hosting Tickled Tuesday again!Theme this week is stories about our animals, our pets, our furry (or scaly) friends.Check out her blog and everyone else that signed up HERE.I am blessed with my Rufus. He is a tan chihuahua, who owns my heart. I am almost ashamed to admit this but in our neighborhood we know the names of each others dogs but not necessarily each others.Almost ashamed. Dogs are way better than people so I have no regrets.I always imagined myself as a big dog owner, a pit bull, a Labrador,  great dane you know, the extreme opposite of my pup.I am a big person with lots of little insecurities.  I always wanted to stay away from being one of those disproportionately paired couples. You know, a large man with a small dog or a tiny woman with a massive dog?It's just one of the things that I found to be odd and undesirable.Until I fell in love with my pup.He likes to take long naps…

NaPoWriMo 14

Be SelfishLife will get overwhelming.Circumstances will change.Friends will prove to be foes.Lovers will show they never really loved you.People will die.You will be hurt.And you will not know what to do so I will tell you my friend.Shut off your phone. Read the book you've been dying to.Relearn what a relaxing bath is.Ignore people.Be selfish.Take time to lick your wounds. Heal your heart and let no one rush you.Choose to be self-indulgent and ignore critics who would try to persuade you otherwise.You deserve you time.Time to work through your pain.Time to ugly cry.Time to heal.Time to invest in yourself.Time to rejoice in the rebirth and renewal of your soul.Stop and realize if you do not take care of yourself, you will never be able to take care of anything in your life.You are being selfish.That's okay.It is your survival.If you do not take care of your only body where will you live?

NaPoWriMo day 13

Do Not Make DoDo not slide, saunter, slip, or breeze by in life.Walk with a purpose, even if it's the shortest walk in your life.Do not lazily say okay, sure, why not or shrug your sad shoulders. Exclaim excitedly yes or vehemently decline with a hell no.You're too young to be ambivalent. It's okay to know what you want.Do not make do with your life.Do what you want with your life.Commit to it.Embrace it.It's the only one you'll be given.Find a passion, a furious curiousity, a flame to ignite a wicked fire.Choose to be bold. To make mistakes. To fail.To say yes to living and no to simply existing.Do not just dwell in this body.Find out what makes it fly.

NaPoWriMo Day 12

LetLet and let live.Let no harm come to our loved ones.Let no fear into our hearts.Let no anger rule our reactions.Let no person silence our love.Let there be peace on earth.Let go of all the hurt in the past.Let go of all the failure and choose to flourish.Let in light.Let in love.Let in those who build us up.Let in renewal.Let in hope.Let in opportunity, future, and possibility, though it may be scary.Let yourself thrive.Let yourself be content.Let it begin with me.

NaPoWriMo Day 11

Death Has No ReliefDid you see the way the girl clung to her mothers hand?Did you smell confusion and fear in her hair?Did you notice the motif on the shrines? How they mimiced her sad, green eyes?Did you notice how not once she did brush away imaginary wrinkles from her favorite dress?Did you count how many times her chest wracked with soul shaking sobs when they sung Ave Maria? Did you say "too many or too few"?

Either way do you know you're wrong?Did you know this procession has nothing to do with his life, that soul we're sheparding into his new life, but rather closure for everyone else?Did you see the way she watched the reflection of the congregation in the polished wood of the coffin?Memorizing her mothers face in that ugly wood forever?Did you hear her silent vow to never wear that dress again? Or to always say I love you?No?You have seen too little today. You do not deserve this job.
This was prompted by the 20 questions prompt on the NaPoWriMo website. It i…

NaPoWriMo Day Ten


When your lips thirst for water I'll hold the basin between my breasts.

Trust me.I want to watch you drink from the only place that will give you true nourishment.When your legs want to rest and your muscles are weary I'll cradle your head against my womb.

Trust me.Reminding you that you could fill it once your energy comes back to you.When your mind is torn looking for answers about morality and ethics, my tongue will quench your thirst for any knowledge that you seek.

Trust me.The only thing you need to know is you need me, you want me, I am your holy land, your temple, your goddess.Any questioning, any undoing, any misunderstanding will be at your hand. Trust me your lullaby, your alibi, your muse, your salvation, your degradation.

Your sinner, your saint, your frustration, your fears.

Trust me.

Trust your temptation.

NaPoWriMo Day 9

I am a little behind in posting my poems but I stillhave my 30 in me.Etiquette Lessons From My MotherMy mother sent me to etiquette classes so I could be a lady.My thoughts ran wild with demure smiles and chiffon dresses.I was signed up for one whole year. A year full of transformation and change. I made it to three before she pulled me out.My mother was reading the paper when I queried 'Are you catching up with current events so you can initiate a conversation with a suitable gentleman?"Her eyes were a dangerous mixture of humor and anger daring me to explain my question.So, I explained, quickly at that." Mrs. Franklin said 'Women must know current events so we can properly keep conversation with a male, even though we will most likely find it boring"."What else has she taught you", my mother pushed out her clenched teeth, while abandoning her breakfast and searched for her address book."That you should excuse yourself from the table when you get…

Sunday Confessions: Let

Let there be peace on earth.Those words come from a hymnal sung at mass. I always loved that song and still do even though it is rare you'll see me in a church nowadays.I found it to be a comforting song, a happy song, so today I'm going to sing it....err write about it rather because I've used up all my allotted singing time this morning.Let this be the moment now. With every step I take.No more hesitation. No more excuses. Now is the time we pick joy for ourselves. We pick happiness and leave tribulations and transgressions in our past.Let this be my solemn vow.Make this promise to yourself.I used to take it that my actions were to be peaceful, tranquil, calm and collected. Refusing and rejecting any kind of conflict and drenched in pacifism.I still believe, and always will in pacifism. I find the thought of harming or bringing someone harm sickening.But over the years my view on that song changed.Sometimes it's about choosing joy and happiness for ourselves and that…

My Imagined Clothing Crisis

I am staring at a white bag full of expensive clothes on my dresser. It is full of some of the most expensive clothes I have ever bought.Correction, someone bought them for me-but I'll get to that in a moment.When I say I grew up poor, I mean I got my clothing from donations. You know when you're feeling good about yourself and go through your closets and give them to your church, Salvation army or local clothes drive? You were giving me clothes.So thank you. Seriously. Thank you.I always wondered if someone would see me in public in their old clothes if they would say something to me. Or worse, they would find me unfit to wear their hand-me-downs (I know, low self esteem issues) and confront me or ask me how I'm liking them.It was always a constant fear. I know, ridiculous fear, but a real one to me nonetheless.When the rare occassion happened and we had a few extra bucks we shopped at thrift stores or cosignment stores. Yes I would get clothing gifts from my aunts around…

Tickled Tuesday: Cooking Mishaps

Cooking brings out our most primal instincts.It demands we call our courage and creativity to the kitchen floor when
we stare down chicken legs, soy sauce packets and day old rice in a
fridge that needs to be cleaned with our family clamoring behind us
demanding something hot and delicious.Cooking creates a cadence we can easily get dance to. The emulsifying of the oils and the vinegars are too similar to the
cymbal being struck and ringing out its tone, lingering in the air.
Making its mark, creating a base.The chopping of the vegetables, much like the beating of the drums, it raises our blood pressure slightly  beating in tempo with our heart.The sizzling and popping of the caramelized onions in the oh-so-good-but-oh-so-bad-for-you butter is singing a rhumba to my too soft
hips, begging them to sway with
abandonment.The cutting.Oh the cutting, the ripping and tearing and dominance over the once
living piece of meat is one of the most beautiful things I have ever
witnessed. It is a g…

Sunday Confessions: Lessons

Life is just one big lesson.From the time we are born to the time we die we are constantly learning, absorbing, or mastering something new, disturbing, necessary or profound.The way life ebbs and flows, starts and stalls, it never is teaching the same lesson at the same time to people, which is okay.Life has taught me to always carry extra tampons. That if I loan someone 30 bucks and never hear from them again, it's a good investment. That life is too short to not dance when you want to.But those...those are kind of like tips or guidelines.As I listen to the rain above my head tonite dance upon my roof, I can visualize all the drops coming together, forming rivulets and cascading off my roof and pouring themselves into to the still-cold ground, I ponder what lessons are the most important to me.Out of everything I've learned and witnessed in these short twenty nine years, I know there are only three truths I know life has truly taught me.We are like the the raindrops falling f…

Featurette Friday: April 11, 2014

Featurette Friday is the name. Kindness is the game.Typically, every other Friday I interview a person with the majority of questions focusing on kindness.But why Jenn?Because we see negativity every day and I think it is important to focus on the positive and remind ourselves that there are wonderful people in this world. No matter a persons background, status, or creed I believe they have been shown kindness in their life and have shown others kindness as well.And I would like to tell that story.I met Lee Ann Wilcox back in 2008 when she decided to take a chance on me and hire me to work third shift at her gas station/convenience store. I was lucky to work for her for 4 years before committing to only working one job. During that time, I witnessed Lee help associates move up in their jobs, watched her encourage them to go to school, and take pride in both her real family and her store family. What would you say your biggest accomplishment
in life is:My biggest accomplishment thus far…

What If Wednesday: April 9, 2014

What if Wednesday is hosted by More Than Cheese And Beer , if you haven't already checked her out you definitely should and all the other bloggers who linked up.Today's prompt is What if I were the opposite sex?What if I were a man?I am not so convinced too many things would change. I am going to hope that my awkward personality would still be a part of me.If rumor mills were accurate, I would make more money than my women co-workers simply because I had a penis. I would own every good smelling cologne out there and you would probably smell me ten minutes before I entered the building.Sorry.
I would never have to worry about waxing, bleaching or shaving facial, arm or leg hair. I would have sooooo much time.I would still tame the southern forest because I would be a gentleman, not a wildebeest people.Maybe not that much more time because I am positive if I had a stache or a beard I would style it in a different way every day.Suits.I would wear them. All the time.

There is someth…

NaPoWriMo Day 7

Okay its definitely time for some Haikus. Just a few to get the juices flowing:

Build Up.

Even rain drops build.
Accumulation, of course,
causes broken dams.


Masterpieces will,
be seen arbitrarily.
The beholders eyes.

Rufus, my boy.

Loving his sun baths.
Cuddling in my knee crook.
He now owns my heart.

NaPoWriMo Day 8

The Bonding Molecule

The power you exude is beautiful and terrifying.

You flow and rage throughout our bodies.

Stimulated by a simple hug or a kiss on the cheek.

You are the strongest molecule known to man.

Because of you, we begin.

You contribute to ushering us into this world and help

establish intimacy with our mothers.

Because of you we love.

We attach ourselves to one another, physically and emotionally.

You help us explode from the inside out.

Because of you we are compassionate.

Even if we feel foolish about giving,

you reject the selfish gene and help us share.

Help us give away not only our possessions,

but parts of ourselves.

Your loveliness can help take us from our shy spot

and force us out of our comfort zone.

Helping us break down the invisible social barriers.

Helping us connect with family, friends and lovers.

You can bind us, bond us, and force us to love.

You negate any of our natural fear.

Though you can be the start of our pain,

you can also help heal us.…