NaPoWriMo 15

How to Make A Fat Girl Cry

You can ask her to dance and when her hand shaking with trepidation is outstretched to take yours,  yell "just kidding" and run back to your friends.

Treat her like she has the plague when she stands too close to you and let  vicious whispers and hushed giggles trail her when she has the courage to walk away.

Pick her last. For everything.

Tell her she is worthless and why.

Be specific. Make sure to tell her that her rolls negate her feelings. So be as harsh as necessary to get through all that meat.

It's the only way she'll learn her worth.

Or lack thereof.

Make sure to point out her flaws and shortcomings.

Kill her soul while you steal glances at her friends.

Make mountains out of molehills and make sure to compare her to everything remotely big.

To make her feel oh so small.

Compare her nose to a snout, her legs to tree trunks, her stomach to jello.

Then text her you need her in the middle of the night.

But if you really want to see her tears flow freely, racing each other down her rotund cheeks, you engage her about her day.

You ask her how she is.

You listen to her response.

You compliment her hair, her dress, her face.

You respect her.

To free every pent up tear she has ever feared to shed,  treat her like she's human.


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