NaPoWriMo Day 11

Death Has No Relief

Did you see the way the girl clung to her mothers hand?

Did you smell confusion and fear in her hair?

Did you notice the motif on the shrines? How they mimiced her sad, green eyes?

Did you notice how not once she did brush away imaginary wrinkles from her favorite dress?

Did you count how many times her chest wracked with soul shaking sobs when they sung Ave Maria?

Did you say "too many or too few"?

Either way do you know you're wrong?

Did you know this procession has nothing to do with his life, that soul we're sheparding into his new life, but rather closure for everyone else?

Did you see the way she watched the reflection of the congregation in the polished wood of the coffin?

Memorizing her mothers face in that ugly wood forever?

Did you hear her silent vow to never wear that dress again? Or to always say I love you?


You have seen too little today. You do not deserve this job.

This was prompted by the 20 questions prompt on the NaPoWriMo website. It is Death talking to someone he is considering hiring for relief, but the guy just can't see what he does. They are watching a little girl at her fathers funeral where they have come to collect his soul.


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