NaPoWriMo day 13

Do Not Make Do

Do not slide, saunter, slip, or breeze by in life.

Walk with a purpose, even if it's the shortest walk in your life.

Do not lazily say okay, sure, why not or shrug your sad shoulders.

Exclaim excitedly yes or vehemently decline with a hell no.

You're too young to be ambivalent.

It's okay to know what you want.

Do not make do with your life.

Do what you want with your life.

Commit to it.

Embrace it.

It's the only one you'll be given.

Find a passion, a furious curiousity, a flame to ignite a wicked fire.

Choose to be bold. To make mistakes. To fail.

To say yes to living and no to simply existing.

Do not just dwell in this body.

Find out what makes it fly.


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