NaPoWriMo Day 5

The Wish

For every fire fly chasing,

side walk crack jumping,

fort building,

adventure seeking,

candy smuggling,

finger painting  professional,

story loving,

not yet molded by society,


I wish you stay young even though your body grows older.

That the desire to meet new friends never wanes.

That outside never bores you.

When you look up at the sky I hope you see a wispy rendition of a Picasso and not just another cumulus cloud.

When you see a foreign object way down the road, I hope you whisper   conspiratorially with a friend about the possible ramifications of the magic in our realm rather than see the discarded trash someone carelessly left behind.

When you hear someone  begin to repeat a story they already have told you, I hope you react with the same interest and excitement like when you were four and you begged your parents to read you Curious George three times in one night, and never respond with annoyance.

I hope you never tire of asking why.

I hope you stay curious.

I hope you stay energetic.

I hope you will still sing loud and dance crazy.

I hope you never stop dreaming big.

I hope you still get distracted by beautiful sunrises and the stars in the night sky.

I hope you concentrate on your ambitions with as much focus you used on learning to tie your shoes.

I hope simple cartoons and comics will still put a smile on your face.

I hope you never forget to say the magic words.

I hope you still make homemade gifts, even if it is a macaroni masterpiece, because its your love put to task.

I hope you remember that the thing that truly heals our boo-boos was and  will always be love.

I hope your soul stays forever young.


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