NaPoWriMo Day Ten


When your lips thirst for water I'll hold the basin between my breasts.

Trust me.

I want to watch you drink from the only place that will give you true nourishment.

When your legs want to rest and your muscles are weary I'll cradle your head against my womb.

Trust me.

Reminding you that you could fill it once your energy comes back to you.

When your mind is torn looking for answers about morality and ethics, my tongue will quench your thirst for any knowledge that you seek.

Trust me.

The only thing you need to know is you need me, you want me, I am your holy land, your temple, your goddess.

Any questioning, any undoing, any misunderstanding will be at your hand.

Trust me your lullaby, your alibi, your muse, your salvation, your degradation.

Your sinner, your saint, your frustration, your fears.

Trust me.

Trust your temptation.


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