NaPoWriMo Poem #2


Her eyes were too big for her stomach.

Her hands trembled when she fed herself lies seasoned with dashes of demented reality.

Her teeth would tear and gnash any hope out of the delusional taste of normalcy.

Her tongue would lap up any semblance of love to compensate for the void in her soul.

Her taste buds rejected anything fresh as they had acclimated to an educated palate of  dejection.

Her saliva would push down resentment and confusion, breaking down any resistance.

Her throat would swallow pain and misunderstanding guised as nutrition.

Her chest would timidly heave, weighed down with the heaviness of settling for mediocrity.

Her stomach would burst, one day.

She was full.

Too full.

But she would eat every last drop again.

Her heart was outrageously hungry.

Day two of National Poetry Month. I did not do the prompt that was suggested but rather some words that have been rolling around in my head and needed to get out.


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