Pinterest Challenge: Bean Brownies

Pinterest Challenge recipe: Bean Brownies

The ingredients:

1 can of black beans

1 box mix of brownies

That's it.


If you do not know what Pinterest is you, my friend, are one lucky bastard.

It is a website full of quotes, fashion tips, DYI projects, household hints, kids activities and recipes.

I realized l have been stuck in the same rut-same meals, same decor, same desserts-while my Pinterest board is full of all these recipes, activities and crafts l wanted to try.

So here l am, trying new things.

Yay me!

I saw this recipe for bean brownies and decided l had to try it.

The comments were literally fifty/fifty on how people loved or hated these brownies.

I needed to find out for myself if they were a "delicious, sneaky way to add beans into your diet"  or "a disgrace to all things brownie".

Yes, those were direct comments.

I opened the can of beans and rinsed them off. I let the water run over the beans until it ran clear.

I put the beans in a bowl and began to blend them with my hand blender.

One piece of advice?

Use your blender blender. The beans got jammed up in my hand blender. I kept having to stop and scrape it out.

Per the instructions, l then blended the beans and the brownie mix.

It took a little while to mix the batter. lt kept clumping up. l had to keep stopping to mix it up with a fork, so all the brownie mix was used.

Then l followed the instructions on the box and sprayed the pan with Pam and threw it in the oven for 20-24 minutes at 350.

20 minutes went by, l pulled out the delicious smelling brownies wondering how they were going to taste. l let them cool and came back and cut a piece for my mother and l.

Let me explain something about my mom. She loves sweets, and hates substitutions.

Oh, and she is not afraid to speak her mind.

lf something sucks, she will let you know. 


She will warn others not to eat it. 

If she loves it, she won't shut up.
You'll feel like Julia Freaking Child when she is done building you up. 

Trust me on this, just give her the recipe if she asks for it, or she will not leave you alone. 


It is always a gamble taking her to a new restaurant. But always entertaining.

We decided to be brave and take a bite of the brownie.

I thought it tasted great.  Chewy, fudgy, just like a regular brownie.

I looked to my mom.  Maybe l was lucky and got a good brownie.

She had a smile while she popped the last piece in her mouth and said, "These are really good! Really good. Tell me the whole process. Give me another one, and some milk. What else did you put in them..."

It goes on for a while. But they were a success the only thing that l can imagine the nay-sayers did differently with their bean brownies is not rinse them off. 

So when you try it make sure you do.

This one has been another win for the 
Pinterest Challenge!


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