Sunday Confessions: In The Car

It is Sunday, so that means Hot Ash from More Than Cheese And Beer is hosting Sunday Confessions. The theme this week is "In The Car".

Ohhh, in the car, I have had so many different experiences. Fun times, scary times, some sweet, others nauseous, and some I will never repeat.


But the best times I have ever had in a car, was with a friend I met in college.

Shanna lived across the hall from me in our dorm.

She was short, quiet, weird, liked the muppets, movies, and a goodie two shoes.

I was big, loud, possibly intimidating, liked punk music, and nowhere near goodie two shoe status.

And accidentally set stuff on fire.

College is a weird time friends and there were so many flammable things.

So many.


I do not quite recall how we met, other than living in the dorm. There is no specific moment that is ingrained into my memory.

Just one day she was no longer a stranger.

I guess that's how the best people take up residence in our hearts.

Slowly, quietly, choosing to stake out property, not there to rent, but to live.

We grew not in spite of our opposite qualities, but because we inspired each other.

Her quiet got loud, my loud got quiet.

She helped reign in my crazy, stupid wild steaks and I helped her explore the fun side of life.

We had a habit of midnight runs to the local Meijer with friends where we debated and discussed the beginning of the universe, the integrity of mankind and which cartoon was the best while chilling in the furniture section.

I still don't know why they never kicked us out.

We worked on our tans and made the beach our friend.

We studied religiously and devoted time to procrastination equally.

We blew off steam by rocking out to karaoke. Well, to be honest, I went to have fun-Shanna brought the house down with those rocking pipes she sports.

But our shining moments?

The times we discovered ourselves?

Definitely in the car.

Always in the car.

We basically majored in road trips.

We would pick a random destination and go.

Just go.

Leave everyone and everything behind us and go.

Not saying that was the smartest thing as there were a few times we got stuck in ditches and snow storms.

Sure, we even got stuck in ditches during snow storms.

But we always got home.


There was just something exciting and freeing about being with someone you enjoyed, heading to a new destination to explore.

Wherever we went we had fun.

We  met new people, had a blast, birthed inside jokes and found reasons why we needed cell phones.

But it was never about the destination.

Once we chose to get in the car and drive away, we knew anything could happen.

Our road was limitless. We talked about anything and everything.

It was beautiful and comforting as any time we were in car it was combination of a mini-Vegas and a confessional. 

Whatever happened in the car stayed in the car. Whatever we said in the car, stayed in the car.

We would giggle and guffaw about boys, bond over music and pick apart any cheesy movie that offended our taste.

On the rare rough day we would drive into the darkness asking the night to devour our overwhelming emotions.

We would just be one, in the car.

Mainly though, we explored our inner thoughts, questioned ourselves and challenged our beliefs and ideals.

We wondered so much.

We wondered where we would end up. Who we would end up with. What would we do with our lives. 

Being a young adult is hard, for everyone.

Whether you are in college, working, or wondering when the hell you grew up.

You are wondering if any of the choices you are making are the right ones, you think you have it all figured out-then learn you know nothing yet.

You are stuck in a weird limbo with your parents because you are growing up but not quite where you will end up yet, so it is a weird dance when you come home or visit them.

You lose friends but make new ones. 

You discover what you like and what you don't. 

You finally get that money does not grow on trees.

lt is just an odd transitionary part of our lives. 

It is part of our journey, to help us become who we are, who we are meant to be.

So that time in the car on our roadtrips were so damn refreshing. When you feel like you are losing yourself but finding yourself at the same time, you know you are lucky to have someone next to you.

Someone else emerging from their coccoon, ready to take their wings for a spin.

Agreeing to move forward.

Acknowledging the fear, but helping you focus on the future no matter how uncertain it is.

Reminding you it has never about the destination, it is about enjoying this crazy ride that is life, and the journey we are on.

            2002-2005ish me & Shanna

Oh, college. You were fun, but those days are over.

We finally grow up, we move on, move away, we stop hopping in the car and going on those crazy adventures.

We have to.

The car becomes the place for our everyday exploits.

Taking the kids to the dentist, winning the battle of keeping them in the chair. Going to work and enjoying the sunrise on the way in. Fighting with groceries and toys and wondering where that damn cell went. That is your new adventure.

True friends understand that. They support that.

When me and Shan talk now l daresay we know we will get interrupted by life.Her daughter may need an emergency kiss for a boo-boo. l may need to boogie when my hubby and l have rare dinner plans. 

But we are lucky because we can pick up where we left off. 

We know we are on a new adventure where no car, plane, boat or train can take us.

Yes, we may doubt ourselves some days and may get frustrated but we made it, we are making it.

We are finally in that uncertain future we wondered about years ago. We are still adapting, growing and changing yes, but we are living.

Exploring life with our little ones, loving life with our spouses, cherishing our parents rightfully so, and starting over when we need to.

We are just in a different stage of our journey, and hopefully you are enjoying it.

If you aren't enjoying the particular point you are at in your journey, remember we are constantly moving forward and you will be past that part soon enough.

But do not forget to enjoy it while you can trying as it may be, because we only get one fabulous chance on this road trip called life.


  1. Awesome post! And you're still friends? That is really awesome!

    Thanks for being here for another week!

    1. Yes, yes it's a friendship that has withstood the years so far.

      It helps we can pick up where left off :-)

  2. I had a friend where we once headed south, stopped at a mall to pack, and ended up at Myrtle Beach for 3 days. We stopped doing that too on account of growing up.

    1. Oh that sounds like fun :-)

      It's hard growing up, but we can adapt and go with the new flow.

      If not at least we have fond memories of great times!


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