Sunday Confessions: Lessons

Life is just one big lesson.

From the time we are born to the time we die we are constantly learning, absorbing, or mastering something new, disturbing, necessary or profound.

The way life ebbs and flows, starts and stalls, it never is teaching the same lesson at the same time to people, which is okay.

Life has taught me to always carry extra tampons. That if I loan someone 30 bucks and never hear from them again, it's a good investment. That life is too short to not dance when you want to.

But those...those are kind of like tips or guidelines.

As I listen to the rain above my head tonite dance upon my roof, I can visualize all the drops coming together, forming rivulets and cascading off my roof and pouring themselves into to the still-cold ground, I ponder what lessons are the most important to me.

Out of everything I've learned and witnessed in these short twenty nine years, I know there are only three truths I know life has truly taught me.

We are like the the raindrops falling from all different areas in the sky. We may start out from completely different areas, but we all rush towards the same ending.

Life has taught me quite a lot, I can enumerate for hours the lessons I have found to be helpful and interesting in my life, but there are only three l find repeated over and over in a hypnotizing mantra throughout my life.

These three I am sharing because I  can say I truly believe that it will bring contentment to our lives and I believe is applicable to everyone.

1. Be kind.

There is too much anger and fear in this world. There is no need to add to that or to confirm peoples' worst suspicions. Now is the time to love and accept love.

Have you ever had such a crappy day and one person was so kind to you it almost brought you to tears? 

There is a reason people say kindness is the language the deaf can hear and the blind can see. It transcends all barriers, all genres, all races, everything.

You may not like this, but I ask that we be especially kind to the rude people, the mean ones, the spiteful ones because they need our love and kindness most.

Life is a big circle. Our actions will catch up to us, wouldn't you prefer that when they do, they reflect your love and generosity than an ugly side of you?

2. Be You.  Always, be yourself.

This, of course, will be drilled into your head from the moment we are born. We are each made uniquely, and differently. 
You will watch movies, read books, quotes and watch after school specials that focus on how wonderful it is to stand out when all we want to do is fit in, but we will not buy it.

This is one of those rare occassions I am telling you it is okay to drink the kool-aid.

Go ahead and buy into all that jazz. 

It is amazing to be ourselves. lf you are trying to change yourself to be liked, l am here to tell you, no matter who you are people are going to love you and people are going to hate you. There is no avoiding that in life. lt is impossible to please everybody, so you might as well embrace who you are, do what you want and be hated for who and what you stand for rather than a sad carbon copy of who you think you should be.

This life comes with no blue prints, but l can promise you if you do what makes you happy and stay true to yourself, you will make a firm foundation for a happy life.

3. Fail.

At love. Investments. Life. Relationships.
At anything and everything, fail. lt is going to happen anyway.

Embrace the failure. lt is a part of us, it makes us who we are. 

Failing is just our life being redirected, we may not want it or plan for it to go that way but it will.

Because of areas in our lives that did not work out, failure helped shape our road in life. Sometimes bumpy, sometimes downhill, other times thrilling, but most of the time unexpected. lt is just the way of life.

But never let failure stop you or scare you. If we stopped riding our bikes after our first fall think of all the fun we would have missed out on. lf we chose to stop reading while we were learning because we stumbled over the letters think of all the adventures we would have missed.

Failure is not the end of the world, it is just a whispering of 'try another way'.

 l cannot tell you all what life has in store for us as l am sure there are many more lessons to be learned and observed.

l do know, life has a way of teaching us everything we need to know, in its own time of course. Sometimes we need to stay focused on the lesson at hand rather than demand life give us answers about other things we are curious about.

Life is a wonderful teacher, and has no problem reiterating its point and driving home the lesson if need be.  

Life is always willing to teach us.

We just need to remember we are life- long students, and we have to be open and ready at any time to learn.


  1. "We just need to remember we are life- long students, and we have to be open and ready at any time to learn." - Truth. I love it. Thank you so much for your wonderful words and being here for another week!


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