Tickled Tuesday: Book Love

Today is Tuesday so that means I am linking up with Indecisively Blogging who is awesome and hosting Tickled
Tuesday again!

Theme this week is about books we love.

I wish there was a book that had all the books I have fallen in love with listed in it.

I wish I could name a few books and tell you why I love them and why they have impacted my life, my view on the world.

I wish I could say that there was one that enlightened my consciousness and help me be a better me.

I wish I could tell you the first book that I picked up that got me addicted to this lifestyle.

But I can't.

Hello, my name is Jenn, and I am a bookslut.

I have a sick, twisted love affair with books.

I cannot pass a book store without going in. I cannot leave them abandoned when I see them being sold for a quarter at yard sales. l cannot stay away from my library. I cannot turn my back on them at thrift stores.

I must introduce myself.

Read their titles. Caress their spines with my finger. Read their jackets with serious consideration.

New and old alike, I must smell them.

And nine times outta ten, once I get a whiff of the pages of a book I am semi-interested in, I am done.

I no longer am Jenn. Simply a plushy vessel where the story will play out.

The book will lull me to a nice comfy chair and have its literary way with me all it wants.

I always get sucked in by its sultry subtext, caught up in the provocative plot, am always teased and treated with assonance, flogged with fables, demanded to dance with dedication for the clever descriptive prowess, and forced to weep at a well written ending.

Any book can make me their bitch.


It's because it is never a book.

The book itself is a mirage, a distraction.

It is a magical illusion.

It actually gives you life.

It is a reasonably priced, fun, transport device that takes our mind and soul to amazing places.

An escape. A fear faced. A challenge accepted. A lesson to learn. A gateway to elsewhere. Another life to live.

Books have never been just words on a paper.

They have been my refuge after a dissolution of a friendship.

They have been my entertainment when I was bored or sick.

They have never judged me, dissed me, left me, or treated me bad.

They have been my company and been lovely enough to introduce me to scientists, revolutionaries, artists, presidents, heroes, lovers, villains, ogres, ghosts, witches and wizards and people I wish really existed.

They have taught me about friendship, physics, loss, space, psychology, anatomy, love, war, sacrifice, life and death and so much more.

They have taken me around the world, back in time, into the future, across the galaxy, to absurd realms and also, deep within myself.

There is no remedy, no rehab, no twelve steps out of this reading addiction.

There is only submission and contentment.

There is no denying l love all sorts of books.

Biographies, Sci-fi, romance, history, science, fairy tales, non-fiction, satirrical, horror, graphic novels, anthologies, series, dyi's-anything and everything-my eyes will devour.

All of them, I have read I have loved.

Even if I did not necessarily love the book, I always learned something.

These books have let me live a thousand lives by allowing me to get lost in their pages for a few hours.

For that I will ever be grateful.

The only thing I can say, if I haven't been clear enough is that I love getting lost in a story. I love meeting new characters and falling in love with a plot.

Too many times, we are bored with the storylines of life.

I never know where it will take me, I appreciate that.

For now, I bid you adieu and wish you my dear readers a good day and the strength to carry on like Leisel, the ethics of Atticus, the ability to save a life with a few words like Charlotte, a love like Mr. Darcy & Ms. Bennett, even a fraction of Gimli's honor, the courage to change like Mary Lennox, and the wits and bravery of Hermione.

And if you got none of those references, well you best get to reading and start falling in love with some books.

It's the best thing you can do for yourself and your imagination.


  1. I'm an idiot and tried commenting from my phone...twice. It never works. Why do I keep trying it? Anyway, what I said the first two times is that I LOVED reading this post. It was so beautifully written. Also, I love those character references in the end. Everyone loves Mr. Darcy :).

  2. Oh I do that too sometimes :) We are creatures of habit!

    Mr. Darcy was one of my first (fictional) boyfriends!

    Great prompt this week!


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