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Theme this week is stories about our animals, our pets, our furry (or scaly) friends.

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I am blessed with my Rufus. He is a tan chihuahua, who owns my heart.

I am almost ashamed to admit this but in our neighborhood we know the names of each others dogs but not necessarily each others.

Almost ashamed. Dogs are way better than people so I have no regrets.

I always imagined myself as a big dog owner, a pit bull, a Labrador,  great dane you know, the extreme opposite of my pup.

I am a big person with lots of little insecurities. 

I always wanted to stay away from being one of those disproportionately paired couples. You know, a large man with a small dog or a tiny woman with a massive dog?

It's just one of the things that I found to be odd and undesirable.

Until I fell in love with my pup.

He likes to take long naps in the sun and cuddle anywhere he can. He will.nuzzle behind our knees, in our arms, on our chest- wherever is the warmest spot.

He is funny, active and curious. I was terrified he was going to be an ankle-biter, but he is so sweet.

So sweet, our mail carrier brings him a treat.

He's really just the bees knees.

I got over our size differential for the most part until one day when I found myself stuck on my couch.

Rufus is small enough that he can sneak under my recliner while it's propped up.

He can and does.

He likes to hide his treats, his toys  and any other memento his little doggie heart deems worthy of stashing away safely.

I was in the middle of watching a movie when I had to pee really bad. Like Niagra falls bad.

I started to put my recliner down but met resistance at the same time I heard a yelp I had never heard before.

Instantaneously I became sick to my stomach, I stopped lowering the leg rest and tried to pull it back up. I was terrified to move.

I called for Ruru many times and he didn't come. That made me nauseous.

I needed to somehow maneuver off the recliner and keep it up to look under it. Or have someone else take a gander at the accidental carnage I caused.

My husband was sleeping and my mom has limitations when it comes to movement due to a bad back and multiple back surgeries.

I called out to my mom begging her to get on the ground to look under the recliner.

So. She did.

And she couldn't get up. So at this point my mom is alternating cooing the dog out from under the couch and cursing cause she's stuck on the damn floor.

I'm torn between laughing and crying, doing a weird mixture of both.

I attempted to get off the recliner without shutting the leg rest when my shirtless, drool-crusted face having, disoriented sleep deprived hubby stumbles out of our bedroom and asks "what's wrong?".

He sees me precariously perched trying to get off the chair and my mom struggling to get up off the floor.

He shakes his head.

Doesn't even ask further. Helps my mom up, turns to me to give me a hand and kicks in my recliner to which I start freaking out.

I turn around open the recliner back up promptly whacking both the hubby and I in the shins and drop down to pull out my baby.

And pulled out this:

His beloved Mister Hedgy.

Chad stared at me like l was crazy when l started to laugh with relief.  Maybe one second later out came my pup, yawning and stretching his way into the living room. 

The cute small, bastard was napping the while l was fretting l squished his tiny body.

My husband realizing what we thought was going on, just sighed, shook his head and headed back to bed before third shift.

So before l get up l always call him into my lap as that has forever scarred me.

^No joke. l seriously make him get in my lap before l get down. lt's known as 'operation-don't-squish-the-chi'.

When l am not annoying him by worrying about his welfare, l dress him up.

Or ask him for make up tips.

But seriously, l am just so happy that l have such a sweet pup who has brought more love, happiness and light into my life!

Until next time my friends!


  1. Aw! I'm so glad you didn't squish the little guy. I really want a dog. This post made me really want a dog even more than before. :)


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