What If Wednesday?

What If Wednesday is hosted by the always awesome Hot Ash over at More Than Cheese And Beer (check her out here: www.morethancheeseandbeer.com).

Today's theme is, "What If…..I Never Met You?"

What if I never met you?

Would the stars stop shining? Would the earth fall off its axis? Would up be down and down be up?


Most definitely the workings of physics and science and everything that is the fabric of our world would not deteriorate and vanish.

It would just feel like it, or at least I think it would. I cannot take back knowing you nor would I want to but I can try to imagine what life would be like without meeting you, without knowing you, without loving you.

Without you there is a tremendous void that I do not even think all the books I have read, every smile I have ever seen or every star I have ever wished upon could fill.

I would probably be a self-destructed mess.

Not necessarily lying-in-my-own-vomit- because-of-a-drug-induced-stupor-self-destructed-mess but more in the sense I would not be myself.

Most likely I would be afraid to take those first steps.

The steps I used to avoid because I would trip over them.

But you were always there to help me back up and show me how to dust myself off properly

Those steps where I no longer care about embarrassing myself and take time to introduce myself to people who just seem really chill.

Those steps where I stopped judging my art and starting showcasing it. Those steps where I admitted I was a full-fledged geek and did not care who knew it. The steps where I realized only I could control my own happiness.

Failed. I would have done a lot less failing in my life if it was not for you. But oh did I learn what it was to try.

To beat my own personal best. To attempt what I wanted to do because it was in my heart.

It helped form me. Helped guide me. Helped mold me into who I am today.

Without knowing you, I would be afraid of rejection. I would be afraid of saying hello and terrified of goodbyes. I would hide my art and let my lips lie silent questioning if I ever really need to speak up for myself.

I would not exist.

I simply would not exist.

I am ever so glad, so glad I know you.

So glad you helped me figure out who I am.

So glad you helped make me who I am.

So very damn glad you made me.

I love you mom.


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