What if Wednesday?

Today I am linking up with Hot Ash over at More Than Cheese And Beer for What If Wednesday? I know that sounds naughty, but it is all clean fun!

It is a great little writing exercise where we spend 5-10 minutes on a certain theme.

Today's theme is "What if…my life was a fairy tale"?

I cannot ever remember my mother reading me fairy tales. I remember watching some Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty with my cousin but it was never my first choice.

Now, Ghoulies and Gremlins was the genre I was well versed in as a child.

When I did start reading them on my own accord, it was Grimm's Fairy Tales.

Not sure if you have ever read them, but let's just say they were not the same as the watered down love stories that our generation grew up with. They have their sweet moments, but are also morbid and realistic.

Realistic in the sense, that they showed vindictiveness, the worst of human nature, anger, and resentment. Likable characters did not always come out on top.

And also it showcased personal accountability. They did not only focus on the 'happily-ever-after' ending but also the repercussions of naivety and bad choices in the present.

If my life was a fairy tale, I think it would be definitely Grimm's Fairy Tale-ish.

There would definitely be some witches and warlocks my fairy tale. Those creatures only intent life was self-preservation and good times, and wherever they went they caused harm, to themselves and to others. Not always intentionally, maybe more to themselves, and maybe they did not realize that their actions had reactions and trickling effects in other peoples lives. They were hooked on stupid magical brews and potions, which no amount of love could break.

There would be no balls or cotillions or pretty dresses. There would be no princes to rescue me.
There would be talking animals though.

That would be hella cool.

I talk to the animals now so I'm already half-way there, I would just get to hear their responses-and their begging of me to shut up.
Besides all the weird and wonky stuff, there would be good. There would be fairy god mothers and Jiminy Crickets to help me on my path in life. Whenever I felt lost or confused or thought my life was on the wrong track, I would have those lovely people in my life to guide me to sit down and take a breath and remember I was only human.

Accountability for my personal actions.

I would not be marrying a prince that woke me from a coma in my fairy tale. No sir. I mean, yeah, thanks man I appreciate that jump back into consciousness but we do not see heart attack patients marrying their nurses and doctors that revive them in the ER.

My fairy tale would not allow me to wish away my fins so I could walk on land. I would be taught from the good folks in my life I need to be comfortable in my own skin, or scales, or whatever, you get the point and rejoice in the awesomeness that is me.

I would not transform into anything by any kiss, rub, hug, or external factor. I know if I am going to be changing, it will come from within and it will be in on my own time.

I would know that justice is not easily doled out. Bad guys don't always get caught. Good guys don't always get a break. Life sucks at times. But I would have been taught that we have the ability to bring justice to those who need it by choosing to fight for it.

And baby, my fairy tale would teach me and everyone in it, that beauty falls into no certain stereotype. There are no fair maidens. There are only awesome, ass-kicking women and men in my fairy tale that choose good over evil. They choose light over dark. They choose their own path in life and do not rely on pre-destined fates or scriptures to dictate to them how to live their lives.

My fairy tale would be kind of awesome. But my real life is awesome because I am living it.

Who says they are not one in the same?


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