Love the Ones that Hate Us

What do you do when you are faced with someone who is so unbelievably frustrating?

When they shred your last nerve, when their name is synonymous with stress to you?

When they make you want to drink.

Anything and everything. Even rubbing alcohol.

When they make you want to eat.

Even that cheeto that is been chilling under the couch that you've neglected but we all know is there.

They make you want to be your worst self.

That reflection we sometimes see in the mirror on a bad day. That part of our self that we tuck away from civilized society.

The ugly side.

The you that holds all your anger, resentment and disappointment.

The you that carries the weight of the world on it shoulders. The you that remembers ever y broken promise and mean word said.

That you.

What do you do when you encounter those people who only bring out the worst?

Do you yell? Do you say hurtful things? Do you let your blood pressure soar through the roof?

Or do you let them teach you a lesson?

Let them help you.

Those people can only help you move forward in life. Towards happiness, and love.

I know that seems impossible but I truly think that they are here to test us.

To tease us. To try to break us. To help us become more centered, and yes, more peaceful.

Don’t give in to their abuse.

The nagging, name calling,backstabbing, rumors, rudeness,or snotty remarks.

Let that teach you what not to say.

Let it serve as a lesson that whatever someone says about other people says more about them than the talked about person.

Don’t let them harness your anger.

Let them teach you how to forgive, how to be patient, how to turn the other cheek.

Learn how to walk away, how to politely excuse yourself from rude confrontations.

Learn that silence is more than golden, it can speak volumes of your character when you choose not to respond to ugliness.

Don’t let them teach you hatred, avarice, greed or resentment.

Let them teach you how to LOVE.

Let them be your hurdle, your complications, your difficulties, your barricades in life.

Let them be your frustration.

Then just love.

Love yourself through your frustration.

Acknowledge the annoyances, the anger, the sadness they are pushing out at you. That they are acting out at you.

And choose to be a positive force in their life.

Love them. Try to love the ugly out of them.

Forgive them, and love them, even if they don't ask for forgiveness, or even if they reject happiness.

They may only be rude, and angry because that is their cycle. They are mean to others and others are mean back.

Somewhere along their journey someone broke them.

They were treated badly. And they found it was easier to be mean, be cruel, be selfish, than to let others in and face possible disappointment.

So they continue the circle they are accustomed to.

Maybe it's time that someone breaks it for them?

Shock their system with sweetness and sincerity?

Take away some of that anger they are holding onto?

Break that expected reaction.

Then again, these actions may have no impact on surly, pessimistic people. They may further anger them and force them to retreat to awful personality.

Remember, while yes, you were being kind to them for the sake of them, you were first being kind to others for yourself.

Every action we do, every response we create, every gesture we make-whether bad or good, defines us, explains our characters, and forms our soul a little more definitively.

Make sure your soul reflects the love that is in your heart.

Addendum: If you are one of those antagonized-by-the-world-types-of-people, please know, there are good people, who love you and believe you are worthwhile.

Even if you scream in our faces, call us grosteque names, create a tizzy and disaster wherever you go, these people see past your angry armor.

We know there is pain deep inside and we just want to help you heal. Give us a chance.

Give yourself a chance at renewal, at peace, at all the good there is in the world.

And know you are worth loving.


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