A mistaken thought or belief.

Sometimes popularly perpetuated.

A fallacy, falsehood, an error. Often something that gets twisted and misinterpreted.


To explain incorrectly.

To understand incorrectly.

Often due to a misunderstanding.


Not understanding fully.

Not comprehending correctly.

A mistake.

Mainly due to miscommunication.

So let's clear that up.

Let us all say what we mean and mean what we say.

Let our actions be concordant with our words.

Let us believe someone is who they are the first time they show themsleves to us.

Let us not create an expectation.

Do not choose the ending when we can barely make out a muddled middle and are lost in the beginning.

Let us ask questions and not fear looking like a fool. The only real fool is the one who does not thirst for knowledge.

Let us not assume, exaggerate, fill in the blank or guess. It takes away from the power of our word and the reality of the situation.

Let not emotions, manipulations, opinions or biases affect your hearing. Choose to understand with a fresh heart, clean mind and earnest ears.

Let us not create confusion by jumping to conclusions. Give the scene a chance to unfold.

Let us listen, intently. Not simply wait for our turn to talk. Actively listen and pay attention to the situation, any and every one.

Let us not be afraid to repeat ourselves.

To repair our words. To rewire our thinking. To reword them so other people can understand.

Let us not read too far in between the lines.

Sometimes the lines are just that, lines. Drawn and straightforward, and all we have to do is accept them.

Let us not be afraid to say what it is we want to say. We are the only advocates for our brains and hearts.

Let us stay true to ourselves.

Let us be clear.

Let us be concise.

Let us make ourselves understood.

More importantly let us strive to understand others.


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