Operation K.N.O.C.K.E.D. U.P. Week 2

Progress? After one week?

I am going to go with a yes for the simple fact I haven't given up.

Still moving and shaking.

Normally by now, my enthusiasm would have waned and I would have abandoned my lifestyle changes because of some lame excuse.

Not this time.

I'm refusing to give up on myself. Not this early in the game.

So, complain session first:

I haven't been able to start my birth control yet.

My gynecologist wanted me to start my birth control the first Sunday after I finish my current cycle.

It should be ending soon.

This cycle started May 6th. It is now the 22nd as I write this.

Please send your vibes, happy thoughts, prayers-whatever you use to channel your positivity towards my rageful uterus so I can hopefully get off it soon.

Celebrate session-

Dance party time: I am down 2 pounds since last week

Seriously let's dance it out! We'll burn some more calories that way  ;-)

I only have 1.7 pounds to lose to make my short term goal of losing 27 pounds so far this year.

Then I'll start working on the 50 pounds I need to shed.

Sticking to the gluten free diet has not been as devastating as I thought for sure it would be.

I've snacked on veggies, fruits, kept up on my protein and avoided my breads and pastas and have paid close attention to all the labels on my foods.

The biggest problem I am having is relearning proper portions.

I've started to use a smaller plate for my meals.

I find if I have a large dinner plate I tend to fill it up so it is better for me to grab a smaller one and avoid over filling it.

I also suffer from cleanthewholeplateitis, where I will not leave anything on my plate.

It's a vicious circle my mom was taught her to clean her plate so in turn my mom has taught me to finish everything on my plate no matter what and I am desperately trying to unlearn that.

Habits are so damn hard to break.

It is difficult to untrain, unlearn, and reprogram your brain.

I'm finding the best thing for me to do is avoid temptation.

Instead of picking up a few cookies I grab my celery sticks. Rather than nibble on chips I drink my water.

Eventually I will have to keep the sweets in the house and eat out but right now I am focusing on what I can handle.

I am trying to slowly replace unhealthy habits with healthy ones.

Before plopping down in front of the boob tube I force myself to go for a walk or do one of my work outs.

I was almost embarrassed to admit it- but I got the Biggest Loser Power Walk Work Out where they train you for a marathon in four weeks-but l no longer have shame in my game.

 ^Yep, that one. 

I thought for sure l would not be able to do the work outs.  Shortly after l hit play on the first training session though, l hit my quarter mile mark, then my half mile then l was in the home stretch and before l knew it l was doing my cool down after my first mile.

In my own living room.

You can affect change wherever you are if you are serious.

In the first session Bob talks while you are busting your butt and tells you even if you cannot do what they are doing on screen just keep moving.

Just keep moving is a  beautiful sentiment for everything in life for when we get stagnant, when we get still we rot, we die.

Right now, l am still motivated, still excited but l know days are coming when l am going to need to be reminded that even if it is small ones as long as l am moving forward that is all that matters.

So that is my goal.

Not going to waste my time trying to keep up with others because too many times that has taught me comparison is the thief of joy.

I am choosing to believe in my journey of transfomation, well aware l will meet nay-sayers, doubters, road blocks and encounter days of no self-control.

I am choosing to love myself by not giving up, by pushing my limits, by not taking the easy road.

 l am choosing to put one foot in front of the other, towards my goal, towards my future.


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