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My subject is "If you could choose between traveling to the future or past, which would you choose and why?" submitted by Silence of The Mom.

The prospect of time travel both excites me and terrifies me. l know we 
are suppossed to live in the moment, embrace the now, and understand that we are only given this day so we are to live it to the fullest.

But what if that wasn't the case? What if someone scary smart invented a time machine and allowed us to go into the past or visit the future?

Briefly, l fantasized about traveling to the past. 

Very briefly.

It would be interesting to visit historical places while they were being built. Meet the trendsetters, the revolutionaries and the innovators.

How amazing would it be to visit with 
Galileo? How thrilling it would be to talk to Darwin? How tempting it would be to force birth control on Biebers parents?

How wonderful and heartbreaking would it be to see our loved ones we have lost?

How amazing and altruistic we can be by trying to stop evil men and women throughout history?

What satisfaction we can get from altering little things so good could prevail.

Actually, it is quite terrifying.

Every move we make, every person we talk to while visiting the past can alter our future.There is no way to determine what give us a better future or a worse one.

There would be no way to gage what would happen if we stopped Stalin or halted Hitler.

We would definitely be stopping horrendous atrocities at the moment, but we would never know what ripples we are creating in the future.

The past is the past. We may want to visit it, dwell in it and wish to change it but l see no good in that.

To move forward we must make peace with our past and learn and grow from it so we can ensure the best possible future for ourselves.

l am the kind of girl who skips the preface when l read a book. l always flip to the last page and read the last line.

Not always do we need a backstory to move forward. Sometimes we need to just trust in the future.

It should come as no surprise that l choose traveling to the future.

Every breath we take, every word we say, every moment we exist we are hurtling towards our future.

We are investing in our future every time we leap over a hurdle gracefully or cuss and clamber over it noisely.

We are building our life when we succeed and when we fail.

When we choose to keep going, to find the best life out there for us, what excites us we are trailblazing for ourselves and our unknown future.

I think it would be lovely to take a jaunt into the future to see where we are headed. lf it turned out how we imagined or feared.

I would love to see how my future generations of my family fared, something l would not be able to see since you know, we are mere mortals after all.

I would love to see just how far we go with technology.

It would be interesting to see how much humanity will change and evolve...or stay the same.

Everything we do, even if we do not do it in tandem, creates our future, a future we may not get to see, so l would definitely love to take that trip if it was offered.

For now though, l will make peace with my past, work towards a happy future and enjoy the present as much as l can.


  1. what a great post...totally agree with you. While interacting int eh past may be fun, one single moment may change EVERYTHING. Do I want to know the future and then do something stupid that might change it? I rather learn from my past and enjoy the future unfold.

    1. I think our futures are pretty fluid, that's there's multiple possibilities.

      Maybe even if we got a glimpse of what it could be we would do everything to ensure that future but it would actually send us towards another future. But if we would have done nothing specific then we would have gotten to the one we saw.

      I know, I know, I think about things too much.

  2. I love this piece not only because it's so thoughtful, but because it's so full of hope and positivity.

  3. Back to the future - I like the idea of mind time travel.
    I think even if we could go back and change things in the past, other things would happen, you know what I mean? And in the end, the outcome might be similar.
    Ever seen "sliding doors?"
    Happy Mother's Day, Jenn!

    1. Haven't seen that movie in a while.

      Stuff like that always makes me wonder if things are "just meant to be" and no matter what we do, we truly cannot change the course our life is set for.

      But I am one of those hopeless believers that we make our own destiny.

      It's a trip to think about though.

  4. Jenn, you're cheating yourself by reading the last page! hahaha. That is such a taboo for me. But, I totally get it. I do it with movies or televisions shows I'm catching up on if I just can't stand the suspense.

    1. Lol! I know, it drives my hubby nuts.

      I must have a control issue :-)

  5. Love this post!!! Both the past and the future would scare me. Knowing what will happen, could change how I live, and maybe not for the better. If I had to choose, I think I might would go back. Not sure to when though. Great post!

    1. Thank you!

      I know it would be a pretty hard decision so I'm just going to hope that a time machine never pops up in my yard ;-)

  6. Yay! Great post! But, I can't believe you read the last line of a book first!

    1. I know...I've done it since I was a child. I've tried to not do it and read the book right away, then a couple chapters in I flip to the end & read the last line.

      Not sure if I'm a glutton for finality or just that okay with endings.

  7. Wow. That was an intense subject. You are brave to even choose.

    You're absolutely right about the past changing the future (Butterfly Effect anyone?) but wouldn't going to the future be just as bad? It would change how you live in the present, depending on what you saw.

    I couldn't choose. I wouldn't choose! Too much is at stake. I'll stick to writing about it. :)

    1. Definitely would want to only stick to writing about it. :-)

      I debated picking neither as that's what I'd probably normally do but I'm forcing myself out of my comfort zone.

  8. much thought was put into this and you are totally right. I, too, flip to the last page of the book.


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