Sweet Caroline

She created me.

Consoled me and cajoled me.

In my younger days, she listened and advised knowing I would not take it to heart.

I know better now.

Now I hang on to every word.

Wondering and worrying that life will take her away too soon.

She laughs and cries about everything ugly and beautiful in the world.

She has no shame, no guilt, holds no pretenses and laughs loudly.

And encourages others to do the same.

Especially me, her sometimes too serious daughter.

She has shown me love thrives everywhere even if people try to discourage it, that's why we need to support it in all its forms.

She has told me there is right and there is wrong but only I know what is right or wrong for me.

She has caused my tears and then wiped them away.

She has showed me the value of being silly in a scary scarred world.

She has instilled in me we are only as good as the words we keep.

She has fought with me flawlessly and fiercely but always for me.

My mother has taught me a lot.

She is loud and curious and doesn't apologize too much.

She holds her head high and smiles with those who have daggers in their eyes.

She has taught me to always stand up for myself because I should never wait for someone else to protect my worth, my values, myself.

She expects me to stand up for those who have no voice as well.

She has shown me there is no limit except the invisible ones we chain on our minds.

She has handed the bolt cutters more than once to free my mind.

She has only encouraged growth, giving, understanding and love.

Always love.

She invests and saves but buys a lotto ticket once in a while because "you just never know".

She tastes the world with every inhale and puts out a little more beauty in the world with her exhale.

She has taught me the word "bitch" can be wore as a medal when it comes from someone who is unhappy you stood up for yourself .

She doesn't explain her "no's" and is trying valiantly to teach me the same.

I have so much more to learn.


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