What If Wednesday: What If They Made A Movie About My Life?

Today I am linking up with Hot Ash over at More Than Cheese And Beer for What If Wednesday?

It is a great little writing exercise where we spend 5-10 minutes on a certain theme.

Today's theme is "What if…they made my life into a movie"?

It would be a mash up of all different genres.

The beginning would be a montage of cute pictures of me walking and playing. Swirling in and out of the frame, showing me incrementally growing into a young woman.

Some of the pictures would make it glaringly obvious that my mom was the one who raised me alone.

Sometimes struggling but always surviving.

But they also showcase happiness and love in our small family.

Adolescence would be a cheesey after school special. Dramatic and obvious that I was going to fall into temptation and make choices that only lead to more complications.

It would gradually switch from after school special to foreign film. Not because I traveled but because I found myself amongst places I never thought I would.

And now this is where the movie gets good, where you pay attention and  will recite your favorite lines.

This is where they movie producers, directors, crewman realize there is only one genre to rock out the rest of my life because I've chosen to own it, love it and embrace it.


Oh yes!

Choreography, singing and dancing!

Heavy make up, cute shoes, awesome outfits, fast paced living.

lmagine, just walking down the road singing to the birds and bees about your happy day and everyone joins in with you right on cue.

How awesome would that be?

Stumbling over your lines or lyrics and still staying on stage to finish the scene out because that is how life really goes.

Musicals allow you to embrace your inner geek, sing loudly and proudly and literally can be about anything.

All l ask is they cast the following goddesses of broadway in my musical:

Bernadette Peters

Angela Lansbury

Ethel Merman

And of course-

l don't care how it's going to happen, who is going to fund it, where it's going to be, who will play me, but now l want to see my musical.

Someone get on that.


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