Why I Killed Kindness Friday

If you happen to remember at the beginning of this blogging adventure, I said I was going to alternate my Friday posts with "Featurette Fridays" and "Kindness Fridays".

Featurette Friday is a blog that is an interview that focuses on a person who exemplifies kindness with their actions.

Whereas Kindness Friday was a blog that ran the alternate Friday of Featurette Friday and showcased random acts of kindness.

I've kept up with the interviews because I love meeting new people and reinforcing there are good people in the world.

I've stopped with the Kindness Friday blog for multiple reasons.

1. You don't tell people you washed your hands after you go to the bathroom right?

Why would you? It's something you should do and no need to share it with everyone else.

Kindness comes natural for a lot of us. We do it everyday, it is our default nature. We react with it when we see someone struggling or having a hard time.

I still do random acts of kindness, because I love seeing a smile on a strangers face I just don't need to write about it.

And if you don't wash your hands, you should you nasty germ and disease spreader.

2. Random Acts of Kindness is limited. I absolutely love performing them, and will always continue to...but it is not one of my bigger focuses.

Showcasing and supporting only random acts of kindness takes away from the bigger picture.

While kindness to strangers is of utmost importance, I feel that an investment in my community is more worthwhile in mentioning.

There are many worthwhile charities the money I would have spent on the persons lunch behind me can go towards. The time I spend leaving encouraging notes with little gift cards in them I could be spending time volunteering at a homeless shelter.

I'll probably do all.

Actually, I have done all the above.

But, I want to be the change I desperately want to see in the world.

I cannot do that by one time commitments. I need to stay focused  to my causes with time and dedication and reliability.

3. It just didn't feel right. I did not feel comfortable writing about the kindness I was giving out.

It felt like I was a pompous ass congratulating myself for breathing.

Writing is my outlet. I get to write my poetry, blogs, prose, short stories-whatever I want.

When it starts to feel wrong, I don't want (or need) to do it any longer.

Writing should make me feel at peace, not uncomfortable.

So, no more Kindness Fridays.

I hope you understand.

It means I'm getting comfortable in my writing and in wise enough to say "no" to what I don't want to do.

But that does not mean I won't continue with my kindness and occasionally write about the love and compassion I see and the redemption I feel for humanity when I do.

Always feel comfortable being yourself or risk an uncomfortable life as an imitation of someone else.

Kindness, love and peace to you always friends.


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