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Sunday Confessions: Smells

It is yet another wonderful Sunday so that means it is time for Sunday Confessions with More Than Cheese And Beer hosted by Hot Ash.Every week this talented cheesy lady throws out the prompt to us on Wednesday so we can post on Sunday. We are free to interpret it any way the prompt inspires us. Please check out the link up to see her confession and the other wonderful bloggers who joined in today.As the years go by, I find that some of the smells I ardently avoided as a child I now willingly accept and sigh with contentment when I meet them. On the flipside there are other smells that I fell in love with at a young age that I can barely stand to a sniff nowadays.When I was younger I was a sculptor.A very, very, bad sculptor to be honest, my medium was play-doh, I made barely recognizable horses, flimsy stars and whatever elsedecided to be my muse.But oh, did I go at it for hours shaping and molding, concentrating and being creative.I remember hesitating before opening those small, cru…

Childhood Wishes

For every fire fly chasing,side walk crack jumping,fort building,adventure seeking,candy smuggling,finger painting,story loving,not yet molded by society child:I hope you stay a child.That you do not understand innuendos and inappropriate references.I hope you grow slowly and completely.Not stunned into submission too quickly by outside influences only wanting to taste you and take your innocence.I hope you never rush to grow up, that you savor the simplicities offered to you.I hope you remember love and kindness and fight back against hatred and cruelty with the golden rule.I hope you fall and fail and try things slowly and then all at once.I hope you chase dreams and not love interests.I hope the desire to meet new friends
never wanes.That outside never bores you.When you look up at the sky I hope you see a wispy rendition of a Picasso and not just another cumulus cloud.When you see a foreign object way down the road, I wish you whisper
with a friend about the possible ramifications…

O.K.U. Week 6

First things first. Everyone take a moment to get loose.Shake out that negative energy, go ahead get up and jump around if that helps.Stretch calmly, roll those shoulders, jump up and down, take a deep breath and scream with all your might "I AM AMAZING!"Do it. Let it out. Come on. Unless you have little ones napping, then just type it in a loud excited tone and believe it.I am trying my damnedest to be comfortable with the part of my journey I am on towards a healthier me.I invite you to do the same. Too many times we get discouraged because we don't think we are good enough, that we are not making a difference and that we are not ever going to improve.We just need to throw out that negative thinking now. If we think it, we believe it, and our actions reflect it.Build yourself up. Be okay with where you are and know you are the single most important catalyst for the change you wish to see.I went to my gynecologist on Tuesday for a check up. It was a follow up on my lab …

Live Like The Dog

It's my first day of vacation. Nothing really planned except not working and paying attention to some yard work that's been neglected and finally going to have some family fun and enjoy some summertime shine.Today, I planned on sleeping in until at least ten, splurging on breakfast and letting the day unfold from there.But we all know about the best laid plans...At five in the morning, I was wide awake staring into the darkness.My sweet dog Rufus was next to me as always. I could sense he was up as well, gently stretching and yawning.I decided to take him for a leisurely stroll. Most times in the morning, we take a brisk walk and then I have to scurry to work.I am ashamed to say I often hurry him, speed him along, wondering more about time rather than finding myself lost in the beauty of nature like he does.We walked for almost an hour this morning, from my neighborhood to the next. Sometimes slow, sometimes fast. Whatever pace he wanted.We stopped, sniffed, peed, looked at ev…

Tempting Tasty Words

Sunday Confessions are hosted by the one and only Hot Ash from More Than Cheese And Beer.She throws out the prompt and bloggers who jump in interpret the prompt any way it strikes their fancy. Todays prompt is temptation.I know it well.There are clear moments burned into my memory where I can easily recall the siren that is temptation leading me astray.When I was seven I stole for the first time. I was nonchalantly going back into my house nicking change out of my moms purse, to buy the turtle my next door neighbors were "selling".The punk teens were trying to see how much the dumb kid would be able to give them before getting caught and I would have never gotten that turtle.Turns out, I'm not a good thief.Third time I was back in the house my mom caught me.Let's just say her disappointment and my burning ass never prompted me to never steal again.In that moment of desire, I discarded everything my mom taught me, threw out all her rules and manners she showed me beca…

Pinterest Challenge: GF Meatloaf

I love Pinterest. If you don't know what that is you're a lucky bastard that escaped one of the most addicting websites.There are recipes, DYI projects (art,
sewing, jewelry, painting, quilting-seriously everything) exercises,
household cleaning tips, and so much more. You can get sucked in for hours looking for tips and ideas.The way it works you create a "board" for whatever you're interested in-say
recipes. Then you can look up recipes
and "pin" them to your board so you
have them for future reference.You can check out my boards here:
Jenn's Pinterest.The problem for me, and probably other people, is that I pin and then forget it.I haven't done a Pinterest recipe write up in a while and felt it was long overdue.I've started gluten-free living on the recommendation of my doctor. People always ask how hard it is to stick to the diet and are surprised when I tell them it's not.Really, it isn't. There are tons of substitutions available at …

O.K.U. Week 4 The Golden Selfie

After walking almost eleven miles last Friday & Saturday, only eating two not good things  (some chicken nuggets and a bagel), keeping to my diet and exercises the rest of the week, I came back to work on Monday and weighed in thinking I would finally hit my short term goal.Nope.I gained almost 5 pounds.I was so upset. I know there will be set backs but I walked in on a cloud of happiness expecting to be down, expecting to finally have lost 27 pounds, expecting to...still be fat? Still be a work in progress?I don't know what exactly I was expecting when I walked in on Monday.I guess I was thinking I finally hit my goal.But I wouldn't have, not anywhere close to hitting my goal actually.My actual goal is to be a few hundred pounds less. To be able to walk up the stairs without needing to take a break. To be fit and not sluggish. To be at a healthy enough weight so I can conceive.

That is my ultimate goal.

When I walked in last Monday and saw that I had gained almost 5 pound…

Sunday Confessions: Resilience

Fragile.Everything in our existence is fragile.Our world, our environment, our bodies, our feelings.They are all so disgustingly weak and fragile.A simple word or a noncommittal shrug can destroy a person's self-esteem.A tiny organism can wreak havoc on our bodies and bring us to our knees, or worse our graves.A few careless laws passed and an ambivalent society and we will have no ecosystem or a viable environment to worry about.A few wayward asteroids and this planet is gone.Any moment could be our last.Yet.Somehow none of that fazes us.Maybe because we're idiots and we truly don't respect mortality.Or perhaps we understand it too well.We know that life can get murky, dirty, scary, and painful.We know we must persevere though we don't know how we will.Past the hurt and the fear deep down in a dark recess of our body lies something more powerful than pain and dejection.It lies dormant only awakened by our weakened souls. When our body and mind think we can no longer l…

Secret Subject Swap: June 6, 2014

Hello, hello and happy Friday to you!Welcome to a Secret Subject Swap.
This week, 15 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and
were assigned a secret subject to
interpret in their own style. Today we
are all simultaneously divulging our
topics and submitting our posts.Here are links to all the sites now
featuring Secret Subject Swap posts.
Sit back, grab a cup, and check them
all out. See you there:Baking In A TornadoSpatulas On ParadeStacy Sews And SchoolsDinosaur Superhero MommyJuicebox ConfessionMore Than Cheese And BeerConfessions of a part-time working momSomeone Else's GeniusSparkly Poetic WeirdoCrumpets And BollocksFBX Adventures (In Parenting)elleroy was hereClimaxedThe Bergham's Life ChroniclesEvil Joy SpeaksMy subject is You get the chance to
live out whatever book you choose.
Which one is it?It was submitted by:  Stacy Sews And Schools

Stacy Sews And Schools, you are now my nemesis.

This prompt is too close to picking a favorite book and that is no mo…

Featurette Friday On A Thursday

Featurette Friday is the name.

Kindness is the game

Typically, every other Friday I interview a person with the majority of questions focusing on kindness.

But why?

Because we see negativity every day and I think it is important to focus on the positive and remind ourselves that there are wonderful people in this world.

No matter a persons background, status, or creed I believe they have been shown kindness in their life and have shown others kindness as well.

And I would like to tell that story.

It is actually Thursday, but I was busy Friday with an amazing event, hence why Featurette Friday was switched to today temporarily.

This week I am doing things a little differently.

Instead of focusing on one person I will be focusing on an event I attended and my experience there as well as some other people who attended.

Relay For Life (RFL) is an event hosted by the American Cancer Society .

I find it interesting and important to understand how a tradition or an event got started, where…

Sunday Confessions: Self-Rejection

Sunday Confessions is hosted by Hot Ash over at More Than Cheese And Beer.This weeks topic is rejection. Make sure to stop over to the LINK UP, and check out the other wonderful bloggers who contributed this week.

There is no doubt rejection has played a part in your life. Whether you have personally been rejected by an unrequited love or a family member who didn't value the meaning of family or you yourself had to dole out the rejection because it was something or someone who no longer was benefiting your life, it is a brutal process.

Rejection is one of the most painful things in the world, as an aspiring writer, l know this first hand. Being rejected makes you feel incomplete, not good enough. lt makes you tear apart every aspect of your life, your desires-forcing you to re-evaluate if you are doing the right thing.

Then again.

Rejection can be beautiful.

It can be a liberating experience. lt can be an opportunity for us to choose what is right for us, to follow our hearts, to say …

Sunday Confessions: Rejection

As a child I was rejected by my father. A lovely man who felt no need to be a part of my life despite my mothers best efforts to get him involved.I met him for the first time when I was twelve.My moms friends and I took my mother out to a local festival for her birthday. My mom and I sat down at a peeling green picnic table. We talked about our day for a while then sat in happy silence. My mother began to look among the crowd, she is the person I learned my favorite past time from after all, people watching. I was watching her watch others when her face shifted from its laid back state into a scrunched frenzy of worry.I looked behind me to where she was staring intently at this man who was laughing and oblivious to anyone but his company.He looked oddly familiar. Almost like I could see a trace of him when I looked in the mirror every morning.I turned slowly back to my mom who was now crying and asked too nonchalantly, "Is that my father?"She nodded her head yes and cried ha…