Live Like The Dog

It's my first day of vacation. Nothing really planned except not working and paying attention to some yard work that's been neglected and finally going to have some family fun and enjoy some summertime shine.

Today, I planned on sleeping in until at least ten, splurging on breakfast and letting the day unfold from there.

But we all know about the best laid plans...

At five in the morning, I was wide awake staring into the darkness.

My sweet dog Rufus was next to me as always. I could sense he was up as well, gently stretching and yawning.

I decided to take him for a leisurely stroll. Most times in the morning, we take a brisk walk and then I have to scurry to work.

I am ashamed to say I often hurry him, speed him along, wondering more about time rather than finding myself lost in the beauty of nature like he does.

We walked for almost an hour this morning, from my neighborhood to the next. Sometimes slow, sometimes fast. Whatever pace he wanted.

We stopped, sniffed, peed, looked at everything around us. Accepted it and marked it.

But mainly enjoyed it.

I love my dog, not only because he made me fall in love with him for his gentle soul and inquisitive, hilarious nature but because I believe he is trying with all his might, to teach me how to live.

How to properly live.

I cannot speak for all dogs but I daresay the majority of our four legged friends enjoy life and want us to as well.

After watching him this morning and reflecting back on his good natured self I realized that life is too short to be worried about the little things.

If I want to get out there and enjoy it, truly enjoy it then I should take some pointers from my pup.

May we explore the universe with the intensity of our dogs. Curious and passionate. Sniffing and tasting. Running through fields, snow and sand.

May we tackle the path set before us. Acknowledge that yes others have walked down the same roads we have before us and while that is important to them it means nothing to us in the long run. 

Our path, our life, our choices are solely us, our journey, we should embrace it and conquer it anyway we want and see fit. Choose to lift a leg and mark that path, make it your own.

May we be loyal.

This breaks my heart. How many times do we let trivial things get in the way of how we view someone, how we accept someone? We forget that they were by our side through thick and thin, offered us advice, loved us through our ugly moments but when they do something we don't agree with or something we don't like-we are done with them?

That's sad. A poor reflection of us rather than them. Choose to stand for those who stood for you and by you when no one else would. It's rare in life to find someone like that, so let's start creating ourselves to be loyal.

May we forgive.

Ever yell at your dog? Watch his ears fall to the side, his tail tuck between his legs, his shoulders lower and his gaze dart away from yours?

Ever notice how he does not appreciate going to the vet? Getting his check ups and shots?

Pay attention to the resentment he is giving you when you wash him of all that glorious stink he has rolled around in?

But in every case, they forgive us.They accept the atrocious actions we took but move on. There is no point dwelling and living in the past. We learn and move on, and we will be all the happier for it.

May we recognize love in all it's forms. Sometimes we get hung up on expecting certain things or words to tell us that we are loved, we are appreciated. They accept that we feed them, give them water , play with them, dole out the belly rubs and take them for long walks because we love them. They get excited, enjoy the time we spend with them not only because it's fun and good for them but because it is love in action form.

How amazing would it be, if we allowed ourselves to realize how much is done in love for us. When our husbands make us dinner, when our parents watch our kids, when our wives make our doctors appointments, when our friends listen to our woes-that is us being loved.  

It is all about the small things, the things that make life beautiful and comfortable by ourselves and the people who love us. Try appreciating everything you have and what others do for you, no matter how small, and your take on life will surely improve.

May we be humbled. And rightfully so. Sometimes we think we know it all, that we know what's best for everyone in our lives and get stuck on some plan that is failing.

Problem is we can't let go of our failed thoughts or ideas because of our ego.

Rufus in all his wisdom, wanted to play with the neighbors cat. He wasn't listening so I picked him up. Normally, he listens well that day, he was being a jerk. We were chatting with the neighbor and he started to squirm. I put him down and told him to stay. He chose not to listen, to stick with his stubborn plan of annoying the cat.

The cat did not appreciate his intrusion and bopped him on the head in lightning quick reflexes six times in a row.

He was fine as the cat was declawed, but his ego was deflated and his pride was humbled. He listening the rest of that visit.

May we be flexible. Do I mean the downward facing dog position? Well, sure if it's a personal goal of yours but more in the sense to enjoy how the day unfolds.

Enjoy an unexpected car ride, a long walk, an extra treat. Choose to give an extra nuzzle, wear a goofy grin and your happiness on your sleeve

Choose to be happy, to be brave, to chase your own tail, to look silly and to enjoy life.

We don't get enough of these days with the ones we love.

Start enjoying them like you should.


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