O.K.U. Week 4 The Golden Selfie

After walking almost eleven miles last Friday & Saturday, only eating two not good things  (some chicken nuggets and a bagel), keeping to my diet and exercises the rest of the week, I came back to work on Monday and weighed in thinking I would finally hit my short term goal.


I gained almost 5 pounds.

I was so upset. I know there will be set backs but I walked in on a cloud of happiness expecting to be down, expecting to finally have lost 27 pounds, expecting to...still be fat? Still be a work in progress?

I don't know what exactly I was expecting when I walked in on Monday.

I guess I was thinking I finally hit my goal.

But I wouldn't have, not anywhere close to hitting my goal actually.

My actual goal is to be a few hundred pounds less. To be able to walk up the stairs without needing to take a break. To be fit and not sluggish. To be at a healthy enough weight so I can conceive.

That is my ultimate goal.

When I walked in last Monday and saw that I had gained almost 5 pounds. I wanted to cry. I wanted to give up. I wanted to stop.

Basically, I was having an emotional hissy fit.

Getting worked up, upset, crazy about these first few pounds does me no good. It just side tracks me. It lets me wallow and be stuck in a useless pity-party.

Last time I checked, I never RSVP to a pity-party and I sure as hell don't throw them.

I am blessed with working with some good co-workers. There are a few of us that choose to weigh in and out every week. Keeping ourselves accountable and having someone else encourage us, to remind us, to be our support when we are getting down and want to grab the candy bar.

We bring in healthy snacks and have helpful tips for each other. We encourage each other when we hit a personal goal and encourage each other when we need to get our butts in gear a little more.

Believe it or not, it truly, truly makes a difference.

I don't know about you, but when I have uplifting people around it helps me make better choices, it helps me have a happier atttitude, it helps me focus and keep going.

If I can happily uplift others and know see the endurance, power, and strength it lends to them when they are ready to give up why in the world do I find it necessary to berate myself?

Headings towards a goal should not be stressful, intense yes, stressful no.

I think I am going to adopt a new rule. I totally believe in the golden rule and am so stealing from it and tweaking it a little bit.

Rather than only showing kindness to others, I am going to choose to adhere to the Selfie Golden Rule which states:

Do unto yourself what you would do to others.

Constantly getting mad at myself does no good. Getting stressed helps nothing.

Choosing to understand that this is the beginning of a journey and having patience and realistic expectations for myself will make all the difference in the world.


  1. There's nothing like getting support in whatever we're trying to accomplish, but I never realized how true your new golden rule is. Support needs to start with us. If we don't support ourselves, how can we expect others to be there for us.

    1. I always find it easier to build others up, but need to remember to build myself up as well or we won't get anywhere.


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