Sunday Confessions: Self-Rejection

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There is no doubt rejection has played a part in your life. Whether you have personally been rejected by an unrequited love or a family member who didn't value the meaning of family or you yourself had to dole out the rejection because it was something or someone who no longer was benefiting your life, it is a brutal process.

Rejection is one of the most painful things in the world, as an aspiring writer, l know this first hand. Being rejected makes you feel incomplete, not good enough. lt makes you tear apart every aspect of your life, your desires-forcing you to re-evaluate if you are doing the right thing.

Then again.

Rejection can be beautiful.

It can be a liberating experience. lt can be an opportunity for us to choose what is right for us, to follow our hearts, to say goodbye to harmful toxins in our lives.

I think it is time to celebrate a little.

-There is always time and reason to celebrate my friends.-

Cheers to you who have chose to reject the people who have brought you pain and misery. 

You do not need people who would cause you harm spiritually, emotionally or physically. Congratulations on choosing you and realizing your worth.

Kudos to you who have found strength and rejected the toxic comforts you once ran to whether it was drugs, food, alcohol, a bad relationship, self-harm or whatever else harmed your soul. 

It is hard to let go of something that will always accept you no matter how bad our life is, no matter how much we screw up, it is there waiting for you with open arms, to give false security and fake confidence.

Congrats on breaking up with the bad things in your life. For being strong, brave and courageous. For choosing to turn your tale another way. For investing in your future, in your worth, and most importantly you.

There is no time to dwell on the past, wallow in the wounds we have received and given.

We do not live there anymore.

There is only time to celebrate the little things in life, like choosing to be you, and following your dreams.

There are so many people in this world that will try to talk us out of being us because we are too fat, immoderately weird, rather skinny, too silly, very serious, too pretty, extremely smart, unreasonably ugly, too real, and unapolgetically us.

Reject those fools.

We are all on different paths in life, different stages of our journey and no one has the right to try tear us down.

More importantly, we need to remember not to tear ourselves down. Truly we are our only ally, let's not burn that bridge by choosing to let negativity and self hatred march into our souls.

We will all fail, relapse, make mistakes and be found lacking at times and probably more than we would care to admit.

But it makes us who we are, gives us thick skin, helps us redirect our journey in life.

There is no changing that, only embracing it.

Reject, refuse, disallow, cast aside any doubt, anger, guilt, disappointment you incorrectly hold yourself accountable for or berate yourself about, what has happened has happened-either make amends or let go, don't drown in pity and what-ifs.

Instead, accept love, accept adversity as a challenge to grow, and always be your own ally.

Accept love and peace and reject anything else that would harm you, even your self-derogotary thinking.


  1. Nice job. I'm sure we can all relate as writers to that specific kind of rejection. You reminded me to though to not compare the place I'm at in my journey, to someone else's. I need that every once in awhile. Thanks! ~Maura @ Play Pen; The Irreverent Parents Guide


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