Feats And Fails

More Than Cheese And Beer  is trying something new called Feats and Fails!

It's Friday and I'm ready for something different so I am linking up, please stop by the link up and check out our host and the others who have joined in today.

The "Rules":

Write a blog post with the Feats and the Fails from your week, or comment them here.

Feats: something you did accomplished, conquered or triumphed over or something that made you want to brag or
celebrate. It can be as simple or complex as you want.

Fails: something you said or did that
wasn't so awesome, something that
happened that wasn't so great, a low
point in the week, or just something you wish had gone better...share,
commiserate, and then LET IT GO
because it is Friday for goodness' sake!

Okay this week has been a busy one and I got a some successes and some uh-ohs, since I'd rather get past the 'not so awesome' stuff quickly, we'll do that first.

Let's just rip the band-aid off.

The Fails:

I am not prepared for a run I signed up for which is happening in a week.I have meant to train my body for the Color Run. It's a 5k. I haven't prepared like I said I will. Normally the 5ks I do are 'walk-at-your-own-pace' or pretty laid back. I know this is a fun run, but it will have a huge turn out and I anticipate a competitive feel.

I know I'm only supposed to compete with myself but I've had a pretty rotten feeling about not being prepared. I really wanted to jog it, I doubt that will happen, but who knows. 

And I'm terrified to be the last one clocking in at 7 hours or something ridiculous. 

I ate carbs. Such a big no-no for my healthy life style plan....but my,oh, my -the hubbys grandma brought up Apple Cheese Strudel. Delicious, horrible, rich, delicious, staying on the conscience, did-I-mention-delicious strudel. My will power was lacking...a couple days in a row when I had to have some.

I missed a deadline. For a writing contest I really wanted to enter. Seriously it blows, but I'll keep writing and keep looking for new contests/writing gigs/submission calls.

The Feats:

Family and Friend time. We had family visit, my hubbys grandparents and his momma, from over three hours away earlier this week. It was beyond nice to catch up and so overdue. I got to spend time with one of my favorite people last night and her adorable offspring. We also have friends who we haven't seen in forever in town this weekend who'll I'll get to see tomorrow.

Don't get me wrong, volunteering, writing and working is awesome, amazing and fulfilling, but it will never be as fulfilling as getting to spend time with the ones you love.

Artwork. Remember the offspring of one of my favorite people? Yeah, he made me this.

It's okay to be jealous, l know you are.

I decided what l wanted for my 30th birthday that is in August, l talked my hubby out of doing a surprise party for me and told him l'd rather do 30 acts of kindness l have never done before.

My work schedule this week has been amazing. Let me explain, although l work full time and am always busy, l love my job. l love my co-workers, my doctors, my patients and helping people. 

Like l stated though, it gets busy, really busy, and this week was a short one for me AND l was covering for someone at another campus doing bone density scans and got out by 3! Normally l do ten hour days and do not get out til 5:30 or 6:00 so hip, hip, hooray!

And finally, l did not kill our tomato plants. Last year, l killed half of what we planted and the other half did not come up until almost October.

Our potatoes, green onions, green peppers and tomatoes are coming along beautifully.

Simply lovely.

Although my week has not been perfect, l would daresay that the good outweighed the bad and l am ready for whatever the weekend has in store for me!


  1. I have always wanted to do a color run. I haven't yet because I have no hope of actually preparing.

    Good luck! Thanks for joining in this week! I hope you'll be my co-host sometime!

  2. I have no clue if I'll be ready but...we'll see :-)

    And I'd love to co-host with you sometime!


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