Sunday Confessions: Faith

I find faith both unsettling and comforting.

Putting your complete trust or confidence in someone or something is both romantic and terrifying.

Faith, I feel, needs to be questioned.

Faith in anything, not just the dogmatic kind.

Just to see if you truly believe and trust in what you think you do.

Ah, I know that above sentence sounds judgy and trite doesn't it?

I truly do not mean it to be.

Faith is an absolute trust, belief, understanding, a confidence in something or someone.

Absolute is a pretty big leap. That leaves no room for error, for mistakes. It's all or nothing.

If one is to put their whole belief into something, whether a deity or a friend, all I ask is they willingly question, experiment and postulate to their hearts content.

It is absolutely terrifying to me that so many people believe blindly.

They do not ask questions or contradict what is being preached or said. They accept it and nothing else.

If something does not sit right with you, have no fear to question it. Ask openly and honestly, loudly and repetitively if necessary until you get the answer you need.

Maybe not the answer you want...but the answer you need.

Sometimes the things we put our faith in cannot hold up to the tests and questions we have. They simply crumble under the demand for simple comprehension.

That is good though, we need to see that when it happens. We need to be aware of the fallibility of the people and items we idolize.

In the same token, when what we believe in can answer our questions, complete our souls in ways other things cannot, and opens us up for open and honest dialogue it is a beautiful experience.

Having faith should not be the end. 

It should not be a brick wall, a closed mind, a dead end.

It should not presume to have all the answers.

But rather inspire you to ask questions and look for the answers.

It should be the beginning of your journey.

Faith should fuel your soul, it should challenge your mind, it should open your eyes.

What you have faith in should not leave you feeling empty or confused. It should not make you feel like a burden or chastised for wondering or asking questions.

If it does, then you are storing your faith in the wrong place.

Faith should not be used as a crutch, as a scapegoat or an excuse.

Faith, in the religious sense, should not only be donned to look good, better than others or because it is trending.

It is not a summertime fashion or a cute dress to wear then forget about once stuffed back in the depths of your closet.

I have had many experiences with people, as I am sure you have, that state to be one thing but clearly are another.

You do not get to claim a religion, a faith, a doctrine and pick and choose what it means and says.

Faith is choosing to believe and trust in a higher power but also living out the beliefs.

If for instance, your religion you believe in states to love everyone and not judge them while you're listening on Sunday but on Monday you make a snide remark to a homeless man begging for change or trashtalk your new quiet co-worker then maybe you're not truly into your faith.

Maybe your simply a pretender trying to ride the coattails of someone better than you.

Maybe you need practice.

Maybe you just need a kick in the pants.

But don't spout you are a good person because of your faith then ignore the actions, beliefs and ideologies your faith or religion is trying to teach you.

Faith is a beautiful thing.

Scary, but beautiful. 

There are so many things in this world that need faith brought back to them.

Sometimes l am afraid, we use our faith or beliefs as a scapegoat.

We say we believe in something higher, something better, something kinder and more magnificent than any of us can imagine...and that is it.

We do not allow it to inspire us, to change us, to change the world around us.

Instead, we focus on the wicked, the bad, the wrong doings in this world and we shake our heads and our fingers at them, sighing about corrupt systems.

Not even getting upset.

Just accepting it.

Refusing to have any role in improving this mess, this chaos, this pain and suffering, this world.

We find contentment that a few bible verses or uplifting quotes or typing "amen" on a dying childs' picture on facebook will be the change we so desperately need.

That is so lame.

And sad.

We have to work hard, we have to get our hands dirty, we have to buck the system, we have to say goodbye to fakes and phonies and get down to business.

We need to make our faith work for us or rather work for our faith.

If we choose to believe in a wonderful being above us then we need to unleash the wonderful power we have inside us.

We need to restore faith in this earth, in society, in friends and family, we need to be the trendsetters that restore faith in humanity.

Let whatever you believe in nourish you, heal you, rejuvenate you.

Let it fill you and inspire you.

Faith is not simply believing, it is choosing to act on what you believe in.

Let your faith guide you and arm you.

Let it move you, anger you and motivate you.

Do not settle for a faith that others hand you.

Find your own faith.

Something that is compatiable to your soul. Something you can question and understand. Something that sets your heart on fire and soul at ease.

Now hold it tight and do not lose it for this world will rip away too much from you as is. 

If you are still searching, still seeking, wondering what to believe in, hope in, have faith in may l offer a suggestion?

Have faith in yourself first.

Know what you like, learn what you believe in, what you define as truth and become comfortable in that.

Often times, when you put faith in yourself you will find what else is worth putting your faith in.


  1. Do you ever read something and it is like an explosion. This. Today. This was my explosion. Thanks for being here for another Sunday! This is one of your best for sure. Or at least one of my favorite.

    1. Well, now I'm blushing.

      Thank you for your kind words and as always for hosting :-)


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