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Todays prompt is: Without.

We often focus on what we do not have rather than what we do have.

It is part of our society.

We complain, bitch, cry, fantasize and whine about imaginary problems and scenarios.

It has become so prevalent in American culture that we even have memes, hashtags and sayings based on the premise of "First World Problems".

Normally they are sayings like, "Just got a new job but now that means I have to get up early  :-(".

Or "I don't have any food to eat....only the ingredients to make something to eat".

Right...let's complain about that stuff.

Many of us, myself included, have complained about when we have gone 'without'.

While l truy believe that every persons struggle and journey is different and we should not compare our problems with others but l think maybe we focus on the wrong 'problems'.

We focus on the irritations, the bothersome aspects, the hard work we have to put into something.

Too many of us focus on how we are not millionaires, how we do not have the newest car, house, boats, toys, trinkets, electronics and how we are the have nots.

We suffer and go 'without'.


I am no way saying that there are not people with legitimate concerns, gripes, and problems.

I have been without, been raised there really and want to say l outgrew out.

However, there are still plenty of times l would say we have more month than money left no matter how much we skrimp and save.

I just find it so silly and a waste of time to complain about the little annoyances in life.

Life is too crazy to let ourselves get carried away with trivial pests. 

Life gets too crazy and will make us wish for simple inconveinences.

Maybe life has been*just * cruel enough to me that l respect it and no longer dwell on the things l live without.

Losing family members and friends unexpectedly that held your heart shatters it.

Seeing a friend rise above abuse and ask for help is terrifying yet soul soothing.

Volunteering with homeless adults and children who can still manage a smile and a genuine belly-laugh can put you in your place.

Can we agree to stop focusing on what we do not have?

Can we try to forget the materialistic things we are living without?

Instead let us focus on what we are still blessed with. 


It is not an all-consuming blackhole of our existence.

It simply notes what we do not have in our lives.

If it something you are living without that is tearing you apart, like someone and they are still here on this earth, make a move.

Choose to reach out, reconcile, or forgive if you are the grudge holder.

lf your actions make no difference and you will be without that person for years to come, then live WlTH peace. 

Content you tried your best and choose to move on.

There may be things and people we have to learn to live without in our lifetimes.

Some will be stolen away from us leaving us drowning in a sea of our tears and confusion.

Others will walk out leaving us enraged, befuddled and hurt. So hurt. 

The pain will flair up anytime someone tries to get to know us better, tries to love us. 

We may push back, push away and then wonder why we are living without love and contentment.

We cannot do that.

We cannot focus on what we do not have then reject anything new that wants to be part of our lives.

We have to at least be open to the possibilites.

Right now there is a good possibility you are living just fine without people, places and things you thought you could not live without.

It is because of the things you live WlTH daily that you sometimes take for granted.

Your support system~your partner, your friends, your parents, your co-workers, children and furbabies who are there for you in the best and worst of your days.

Your distractions~work, playtime, concerts, date nights, enjoying nature, spending time with loved ones, sticking to a routine or trying new things helps you be you and move forward when it is easy to curl up in the fetal position and cry.

Your strength~you get this from so many places. Meditating, praying, loving others and yourself, hard work, positivity, being yourself and understanding you are a beautiful force to be reckoned with because you have something strong holding you together deep within your soul.

Even if that strength leads you to asking others for help, it does not reveal weakness, but rather how much you love yourself and others in your life to seek help.

We can choose to complain about little inconsequential nuisances of our everyday life if we want.

We can choose to focus on what we do not have and everything we have lost and become bitter.

Or we can choose to grow from the loss and pain life has left us with, and count our blessings we do have especially the people who have stuck by our side when the rest of the world ran out.


  1. I REALLY do take too much for granted.

    Thanks for taking time to write another confession! I'm so glad you're here.


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