Friday Feats And Fails

What better way to start August than by admitting our faults and celebrating our accomplishments of this week?

Today I am joining in with Hot Ash from More Than Cheese And Beer for Feats and Fails.

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Ever have just a negative feeling that won't go away?  Not quite sure where it is stemming from but it colors your world and your attitude?


For some reason my attitude got stuck in a funk.  I let the assumption train gather full steam and chug along. I thought I was being ignored. I thought  that some friends were going to bail on me. I thought  I was going to up at weigh in this week.

But luckily that assumption train derailed, crashed and burned. No worries, the only fatalities were self-doubt, incorrect assumptions and idiocy jumping to conclusions and useless anxiety.

Time and time again people in my life proved they were there for me, things did not unfold as horribly as I thought they would and there was no point in being anxious.

My fail was not having hope in the good things and faith in peoples' words.

Normally I see the good, but I somehow got caught up in a case of Negative Nancy.

But I shook that out so I am going to count that as a feat too.


I decided to do 30 acts of kindness in the month of August to celebrate my 30th birthday.

I did my first act of kindness today which was face painting at the women and children's shelter I volunteer at during the back-to-school picnic.

The picnic is a great resource for the community where families in need can enjoy a day of games, lunch get school supplies, backpacks for their children and vouchers for school clothes.

For the record, I am known for doing things like Hello Kitty, hearts, Elmo, stars, Spiderman, Batman, sports themes that sort of thing.

Today, I did my first scorpion.

Not going to lie, it's not the best but I'm pretty proud of it.

l pride myself on having a giving heart. 

lf you want something or need something and l can give it to you, l feel it is part of my duty as a human and putting good vibes into the universe to do so.

However, accepting gifts and kindness is hard for me to do at times. 

This week though, l have accepted kindness from friends gracefully. Our neighbor dropped off a bike for my hubby. 

He has wanted one for a while and just has not gotten around to saving and getting one. lt came up in a conversation they were having and our neighbor dug out the one he never uses in his garage and brought it over.

Just because.

My sweet friend brought over a television to use because ours has started to crap out. The sound was going, it was taking a while to turn on, and l just told her to tell her and she decided to bring hers we can use.

In the past, l would have refused these kindnesses or felt l needed to do something to pay them back immediately or do something bigger and better to prove l am worthy of their kindness-even though they both did not want anything.

Instead, l said thank you.

Sincerely and gracefully.

I accepted the kindness and found myself worthy of it.

Pretty sure accepting my worth and embracing my self-confidence is the biggest feat of my week.


  1. I'm sorry I didn't get here until now (fail) but... you always somehow say things I need to hear and be reminded of. Thank you for that.


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