Fridays Feats And Fails: August 15, 2014

What better way to start the weekend than by admitting our faults and celebrating our accomplishments of this week?

The Fails:

-I succumbed to being annoyed by other peoples opinions and attempts to undermine me.

It was such a ridiculous situation, I hate to be vague about it but I must,  and I let myself get irritated.

I knew I had done what I was supposed to do. I knew my partner had done what they were supposed to do, but some drama-causing squanches wanted to stir the shit pot and boy did it get under my skin.

Normally, I brush it off and am contented that normally those that stir the shit pot will eventually have to lick the spoon but it just did not calm me this week, so I spent time  being upset for no reason.


Demon allergies kicked my butt. When I took the Benadryl it kicked my butt and left me groggy for too long. When I took my Zyrtec it didn't kick in until hours later. Needless to say, I was looking and feeling rough all week.

-Robin Williams.

To say his passing was a shock to many is an understatement. He was a comedic genius that gave the world many laughs and memories but also gave back to society many times.

Though this was a tragedy and our news, media and social media were filled to the brim with stories of his passing and those praying and sending positive thoughts to his family, there were also those out there who only had cruel and disparaging remarks to make.

-Not being brave.

I was going through some of my poetry and blog posts that I never shared because I thought they were too raw or not good enough and realized I have been an idiot.

If I wrote them, believed in them, and liked them, I should share them.

Not worry that they are different then other peoples posts or not as funny. They are a part of me and it's sad to shut that away. If someone doesn't like them it is fine, but I should never hide a part of myself because I don't think it belongs. I should accept it, embrace it and scoot the heck down and make room for those parts of me.

The Feats:

-I am 30!

Goodbye awkward 20s, hello flirty 30! I spent my birthday doing something I love-volunteering and was blessed with so much love from family and friends.

-21 Acts Left.

I vowed to do 30 acts of kindness to celebrate my big 3-0, I currently have 21 left to do. I am excited to finish them up!

-Writing Contests.

I entered some. I have been meaning to....but put it on the back burner because of fear, self-doubt, and silly insecurities. This week I threw caution to the wind and entered a few and am refusing myself to think positive.


To counter the sadness and tragedy of Mr. Williams passing, I have witnessed an outpouring of love and support.

People have shared time and time again the suicide hotline number and shared their stories of fighting mental illness.

Yes, I am sure some people were trying to capitalize on his passing, but there were so many more fighting to eradicate stigma and open a much needed dialogue about depression and mental illness.

It might not be perfect, it may have stemmed out of an extremely sad situation but we have to start the conversation somewhere.

-Working Out.

I have hit a wall in my work out routine and my weight is stuck. I've been a little too focused on it and perhaps cranky. So I gave up on being a fixated meanie-head and decided to have fun with my work outs. I decided to get back to the basics.

I started walking with my Rufus, doing more activities at home, rocking out slow walks with mom all the while refusing to beat myself up and accept it as part of my journey.

The good the bad, it all matters. It all shapes us and forms us and gives us insight towards a better future.

Better to accept and acknowledge the good-and the bad-and choose to move forward and enjoy this journey we are on.

Today I linked up with Hot Ash from More Than Cheese And Beer for Feats and Fails.

Please visit her and see the rest of the
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  1. Happy Birthday! By the way, if it makes you feel any better....we ALL do the worry thing with writing- is it good, will people like it? Will anyone "get it"? And on and on and on....Eventually it gets easier and less scary but it's always there a little bit (in my experience at least)
    Love the volunteering- I recently started a volunteer program at my work and it feels so good to give back!!

    1. Thank you :-)

      I promised myself to focus on what I like to write and share it, and you know being brave.

      Things we do should scare us or take us out of comfort zones even if it's only by a little bit. If we're not scared we're not really living, right?

      Awesome job at starting a volunteer initiative at your work! It really does feel great to give back-and it leaves you feeling complete.


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