Friday Feats and Fails: September 26th, 2014

It is always good to take a step back and re-evaluate yourself and your week right? Well I am taking that opportunity today and joining in with More Than Cheese and Beer and some other awesome bloggers to focus on my feats and figure out my fails.

Let's start with the Fails, it is always best to get them out of the way:

-Boo to my back being cruel and cranky. I threw it out with some heavy balls-gosh I wish tht was a euphemism, but it so isn't. Just a ten pound ball and the back turned just the wrong way and it has caused me days of pain. But it slowly getting better.

-I have been super bad at counting my calories and entering my foods and exercise into My Fitness Pal. So going to rectify this.

-I may have lost my wedding ring. I should be more concerned but things tend to turn up, so that is what I am banking on. (Please universe, be nice to me on this one).

-Doing the not so fun exercises that help my back. It helps in the long run, but oh the burn and getting off the ground is oh-so interesting.

-Okay, really it has been just my back since it has made me cancel some plans that I really looked forward to this week.


-I endured the work week with this evil back and now I am treated with VACATION. Glorious, wonderful, do-nothing-be-a-lazy-bum-enjoying-the-little-things-in-life-not-working-myself-to-death vacation.

-I hit over 200 likes on my Facebook Blog Page, so thank you to all you likers, old and new ones. I appreciate you. Seriously, to take time to read what I scribble down and actually like my page it makes my heart happy.

-Bonus to being laid up, I was able to edit some stories I have been working on and write some poetry.

-I'm getting really close to losing 50 pounds since the beginning of the.year. I seriously cannot believe it.

-I was able to get this blog done today!

So take a moment to reflect on the good and the bad of the week and choose to learn and let go from the bad. Likewise with the good, take a moment to focus on the good things and rejoice for a moment.

Happy Friday!


  1. Yay! To 200 likers! You are amazing and I adore you! Boo to your back.. stupid backs.. messing with the daily flow!


    1. Thanks for spreading more love to me today lady!

  2. 50 pounds!!!! AHHHHH! That's huge. I haven't been stellar on MFP this week either. Time to fix that and step it back up.


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